Young people able to understand what leaders don’t

4/6/2018, 12:18 p.m.

Re “ ‘Our ballots will stop bullets:’ Thousands take to streets in Richmond, D.C. and across the nation to demand gun control and school safety,” Free Press March 29-31 edition:

Enough cannot be said about the young people who participated in the “March for Our Lives” on March 24.

Not only in Washington, but all over the world, these young leaders want politicians and members of the National Rifle Association to hear their message regarding the need for real gun control. They spoke with conviction, intelligence, purpose and determination to let the world know that they will not be silent and that gun control must be addressed now.

It is amazing and staggering that these youths are able to understand what leaders of the nation aren’t able to understand or don’t want to admit that they do. These youths see and understand how many leaders have allowed money and their political party to be valued over lives. They realize that one sure way to bring some sensible actions from those non-doers is to vote them out of office.

It is sad that our beautiful, young, strong high school students, and some much younger in elementary school, have to be the ones to march on the capital of the United States of America to get the attention of those politicians who are failing to represent those who elected them.

It is also sad to have a president who does not have the intelligence to think logically, or the courage to even stay in Washington to see, hear and learn from these soon-to-be voters. He was not even smart enough to do what he does best: Fake and pretend that he could at least watch a protest on the grounds and in the capital of the United States of America.

The March for Our Lives youths have the right idea, the right plan and the right way of thinking to approach a situation they are faced with daily and they have come to an understanding, when maybe some of their parents may not have. They have learned through experiences and have grown in wisdom, which seems to have brought them to believe that, if you don’t stand up for something, you will fall for anything.

Congratulations, dear young people. I pray that demonstrating through peaceful and organized marching and through the forceful messages you delivered will open the hearts and minds of the politicians who have sat quietly by and done nothing.

Continue to speak up for the gun control changes that you are asking for and that the most sensible people know is needed.

If you are already of voting age, or when you become of voting age, register and always exercise your right to vote. It is extremely important to elect people with integrity, who are smart, truthful and intellectually capable of serving honorably in the office to which they are elected. Change can be brought through the power of the ballot. Be a good citizen and stand up for what is right.