Charlottesville a wake-up call

8/25/2017, 7:28 p.m.

The incidents in Charlottesville have served as even more of a wake-up call than Donald Trump in the White House. Racism is alive and running rampant in the United States. Even worse, it’s not being condemned by the highest leadership in this country.

Rather than letting these explosive incidents serve as a distraction from the harmful legislation Congress is trying to pass, the actions of the White House with regard to Russia and the continued quest for President Trump’s tax returns, we need to stay vigilant about what is going on with this administration. This includes making sure you are a registered voter.

People also must stay informed, even though the news may be hard to watch. When elections roll around, educate yourself and research the candidates to see whose views align with yours.

Also, run for office. 

We cannot sleep on what is going on in our country. We did it in 2016, and see what happened. Wake up and get involved. Stay informed and don’t wait for someone else to do what you need to do.


Chesterfield County