Central Park Five: Harrowing, humanizing

Many know them as the Central Park Five, but filmmaker Ava DuVernay forces us to see the five wrongfully convicted men as individuals. Their names are names we must remember, as individual, courageous, principled black and brown men. They are ...

Who represents black women?

I can’t remember a time in my adult life when I wasn’t working on justice issues on behalf of people in my community. I’ve worked for the benefit of women who shared my views and some who don’t. But it’s ...

Black bodies creating white power

Almost every high school student in America knows about the compromise reached during the drafting of the U.S. Constitution resulting in enslaved people being counted as three-fifths of a person during the national census held every 10 years.

Ignorance, racism and a good book

Ignorance breeds racism. By ignorance, I don’t mean the lack of college or other educational degrees. I’m really talking about how some families teach their children to hate certain people based upon lies.

Distortions of our history

According to some historians, Afrodescendants first entered these United States in 1619 off the coast of Virginia. If we believe that narrative, Afrodescendants have been in this country for 400 years.

Free students from burden of college debt

The reaction — shock, joy, disbelief, euphoria — revealed the importance of billionaire Robert F. Smith’s stunning gift, when he announced unexpectedly that he would pay off the college debts of Morehouse College students graduating this year. His gift literally ...

Why not eliminate the SAT?

The College Board, the organization that develops and administers the SAT, has developed a new “adversity score” to augment the widely used college admissions examination.

Brown decision under threat?

May 17 marked the 65th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision that outlawed apartheid in America by declaring segregated schools “inherently unequal” and unconstitutional.

Commemorate Brown decision by adequately paying teachers

Sixty-five years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Brown v. Board of Education case that the doctrine of “separate but equal” was unconstitutional.

Pass Equal Rights Amendment

We get so consumed with stuff about the train wreck in the White House that we forget or miss important things going on in the nation and the world.

National Urban League and ‘State of Black America’

The U.S. intelligence community announced it was “confident” that it happened. A Senate Intelligence Committee report confirmed it. And now the Mueller Report has documented its scope in breathtaking detail.

Democracy and voter suppression

We all have heard about WikiLeaks and Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The report of special counsel Robert Mueller has once more put that on the front pages. Too often lost in the furor, however, is the far ...

Nation’s wealth gap worsens

If you’re like me, every time you hear a news reporter or anchor talk about how great the nation’s economy is, you wonder what world they are living in. Certainly these journalists are not referring to the ongoing struggle to ...

Eliminate demeanment

Black women in Houston and across the nation began preparing to use our political power during a recent event held at Texas Southern University. Presidential candidates attended to begin a conversation with black women regarding what’s important to us and ...

Wisdom from ancestral warriors

In 1619, 400 years ago, the first African captives were brought to what is now Virginia. Since that time, many of our courageous ancestral warriors — men and women — have fought against the physical and psychological terrorism inflicted by ...