Let’s make them pay

America witnessed during the weekend dozens of armed, military-garbed men and women in Charlottesville wearing helmets and wielding shields, openly brandishing semi-automatic firearms in the face of students and clergy opposed to their racist and fascist messages.

‘The chickens came home to roost’

I consider myself a daughter of the Commonwealth as I was born in Richmond, just miles away from Charlottesville. As the former capital of the Confederacy, Richmond has been home to some of the most divisive periods in history and ...

Black liberation thwarted from all sides

Black classism is just as detrimental to black liberation as white supremacy, and I do not like what I am seeing.

Police brutality, delusions at top

Donald Trump often seems more shock jock than president. He likes to shock, say or tweet outrageous things, prove that he’s not just another politician. But now that he is president, his words have impact and his posturing can be ...

The real context behind Monument Avenue

The Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality issued the following open letter to members of the Monument Avenue Commission:

Happy birthday to Medicaid

For more than a half century, Medicaid has been a shining example of the good and essential support government can provide those most in need across all ages. Through the years, we have been striving to live up to the ...

A thorn in Trump’s side

I don’t agree with U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona about very much, but I was saddened by his recent diagnosis of brain cancer.

Positives for Petersburg

Last summer, the severity of Petersburg’s financial challenges became apparent and Petersburg City Council took immediate action. Significant progress has been made during the last year.

Action in the face of abuse

After 12 historic years leading the North Carolina NAACP, the Rev. William J. Barber II is stepping down from his post and stepping up to the challenge posed by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. nearly five decades ago ...

Obamacare wins again

After Republicans spectacularly failed to gather enough votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Trump should consider changing his slogan from “Make America Great Again” to “Hey, We Tried.”

Justice not served

After decades of struggles and sacrifices, civil rights legislation enacted in the 1960s won federal promises to ensure that discrimination is illegal and would not be tolerated. Unfettered access to housing, voting rights, fair credit, public accommodations and more was ...

An absence of facts

It is hard to be rebuffed more soundly than President Trump’s “election integrity” commission — or, as he called it, the “very distinguished voter fraud panel.” The commission has been stiffed by most of the states. It’s not hard to ...

Protecting the right to vote

Voting is not a privilege. It is a fundamental, constitutionally ratified right afforded to all eligible citizens. The right to elect your federal, state and local representatives and weigh in on proposed local policies via ballot is the very definition ...

GOP making America suffer again

How devastating would the Republican health care legislation be if enacted?

Price of incarceration

Hip-hop legend Jay Z celebrated Father’s Day this year by allowing incarcerated fathers to spend the day with their families. Pick any day of the week in America and an estimated 700,000 people are populating our nation’s local city and ...