First Amendment binds all American freedoms

Freedom of the press, of speech, of religion, of assembly and to petition the government are woven, like stars in the flag, into the fabric of the First Amendment.

Congress is duty-bound to investigate Trump

“Any attempt by a President to use the office of the presidency of the United States for personal political gain — rather than the national interest — fundamentally undermines our sovereignty, democracy and the Constitution ... Misuse of the office ...

Fannie Lou Hamer, breast cancer and black women

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the proliferation of pink ribbons is starting. Predatory capitalists will make breast cancer their cause, producing pink T- shirts, pocketbooks, everything.

Homelessness: A national crisis

For more than a decade, economists, lawmakers and others have heralded the nation’s economy, often citing how unemployment has declined as new jobs have been created, or Wall Street trading and major bank profits rise. Some might be led to ...

Worker power

More than 2,200 nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center went out on strike re-cently, but they are not alone. American workers are waking up and walking out.

Discuss future of Downtown with facts

I serve on the Navy Hill Foundation, the organization that has proposed the replacement of the Richmond Coliseum and the redevelopment of Navy Hill and whose mission is, in part, to ensure that the Navy Hill development creates opportunities and ...

Why is D.C. excluded from statehood?

Many years ago, I moved to the District of Columbia and became aware that people in D.C. were not accorded voting representation in the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate.

Don't normalize poverty, inequity

When the nation’s latest income and poverty data were released on Sept. 10, commentaries touted the progress that the data reflected.

'A fair shot' in America

Felicity Huffman says she just wanted to give her daughter “a fair shot” at getting into the college of her choice. That is the reason the Emmy Award- winning actress paid someone to cheat on her daughter’s college entrance exam.

Climate change and hurricanes

Hurricane Dorian has drowned the Bahamas and devastated the coasts of North and South Carolina. There are trillions of dollars worth of damages to communities that will take years to rebuild.

New Coliseum project ‘almost certainly a mistake’

The Navy Hill development project proposes to spend $350 million in public money to build a massive 17,500-seat regional arena in Richmond’s small and valuable Downtown. The arena, paid for only by the City of Richmond, will short-circuit all other ...

Congressional reps rebuke delay of payday loan rule

Anyone who struggles with the rising costs of living knows all too well how hard it is to try stretching dollars when there’s more month than money in the household.

School supplies donations versus making education a budget priority

The event promised to be one of those last-gasp-of-summer events that would raise a little money for a good cause. The young woman who called to tell me about it promised that I’d meet interesting people, enjoy excellent wines and ...

Asthma and back to school

As summer winds down and talk in households around the country turns to back-to-school preparations, many parents and students are getting ready for another school year with the challenges of asthma.

Recovering from Ferguson

“The city’s personal-responsibility refrain ... reflects many of the same racial stereotypes found in the emails between police and court supervisors. This evidence of bias and stereotyping, together with evidence that Ferguson has long recognized but failed to correct the ...