Faith News

Prayer at the pole

Area ministers and church members gather last Saturday outside Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in the East End to pray for students, teachers, administrators and all employees of Richmond Public Schools and other area school districts.

Alexandria seminary announces $1.7M slavery reparations fund

An Episcopal seminary in Alexandria has announced plans to create a $1.7 million endowment fund whose proceeds will support reparations for the school’s ties to slavery.

2 church-sponsored festivals set for Sept. 20, 21 in Church Hill

Back-to-back festivals will be held on church grounds in Church Hill next weekend.

Pope Francis preaches message of peace, care of the sick and environmentalism during 3-nation visit to Africa

Pope Francis greeted packed stadiums full of celebrating locals and spoke to crowds numbering up to 1 million people in Madagascar, the second stop on his weeklong, three-nation trip to Africa.

In Mississippi Delta, Catholic clergy abuse cases settle on the cheap

A famed Catholic religious order settled sex abuse cases in recent months by secretly paying two African-American Mississippi men $15,000 each and requiring them to keep silent about their claims, the Associated Press has found.

‘A heavy lift’: Religious black voters weigh Buttigieg’s bid

The Rev. Joe Darby, a South Carolina pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, pondered a sensitive question that he knew was on the mind of his congregation. Would black voters be able to reconcile their conservative religious doctrine with ...

Court rules denomination can be sued over child sexual abuse by church employee

One of the nation’s largest Pentecostal denominations can be sued for failing to protect one of its child members from a pedophile who worked closely with the children in a member church, the Virginia Supreme Court has ruled.

Trump steadily fulfills goals on religious right’s wish list

When Donald Trump assumed the presidency, conservative religious leaders drew up “wish lists” of steps they hoped he’d take to oppose abortion and rein in the LGBTQ rights movement. With a flurry of recent actions, the Trump administration is winning ...

Sister Helen Prejean, activist nun, talks about getting Jesus 'right'

Sister Helen Prejean wants to get religion “right.”

Democratic hopefuls seek support from young black faith leaders

Three Democratic presidential hopefuls fielded questions from black church leaders last week, bouncing between politics and prayer as they vied for support from an audience of about 5,000 black millennials.

Churches mobilize to help families impacted by immigration raids

The children of Sacred Heart Catholic Church streamed out into Mississippi’s blistering heat last Sunday afternoon, carrying what they said was a message of opposition against immigration raids their parents could not.

Muslim initiative raises thousands to release detained migrant parents

Led by two of the country’s most prominent imams, hundreds of U.S. Muslims have raised more than $81,000 to bail out detained migrant parents.

Montgomery's churches part of city's 200-year history of slavery, civil rights

Connections between Christianity, Confederacy and civil rights — and the history of slavery — are in plain sight in Alabama’s capital.

Jamestown interpreter tells the story of 'Angela,' one of the first Africans in Virginia; her faith is a mystery

Wearing a yellow head wrap, gray skirt and soiled apron, a woman who says she is “called by the name of Angela” stood by the James River and told her story, one of faith and courage, darkness and hope.

Church merger leads to new roles for Rev. Whitehead, Dr. Cardwell

After 25 years at the helm of New Canaan International Church that he founded in Eastern Henrico County, minister and educator Dr. Owen C. Cardwell, 72, has passed the pastoral baton to a younger protégé, the Rev. Dwayne E. Whitehead.