City Council readies for lower revenue projections

Ninth District Councilman Michael J. Jones, chair of City Council’s Finance and Economic Development Committee, esti- mates that projected Richmond revenues in the new fiscal year that will begin July 1 could shrink by $75 million to $100 million as ...

COVID-related furloughs push unemployment claims to new highs

Phillip Patterson has worked in various positions at the Mar- riott Hotel in Downtown for the past eight years – housekeeping, bellman, shuttle driver and maintenance engineer. Elton G. Christian Jr., a veteran cook, has been serving up savory barbecue, ...

Faces of COVID-19

Virginians of all walks of life have been impacted by thecoronavirus,theairbornerespiratoryillnessthathas stricken more than 3,600 people in the Commonwealth and resulted in 75 deaths as of Wednesday. Their passing impacts their families and the larger communities in which they worked, ...

City Council slated to vote April 9 on remote meetings

City Council is to take its final step Thursday, April 9, to enable online meetings that would include a method to allow the public to submit comments.

Richmond School Board approves grading policy during shutdown

The Richmond School Board approved a plan Monday night to calculate students’ final grades that will hold students harmless during the coronavirus shutdown.

City offers help to families, businesses impacted by coronavirus

City Hall is providing $500 stipends to struggling families with children who can’t wait for federal assistance and is offering loans up to $20,000 to aid smaller businesses to meet payroll.

Bike lanes being installed on Brook Road and Patterson and Malvern avenues

Brook Road is starting to shrink with the installation of new bike lanes.

City social services department finds itself stressed with a shortage of workers

As the coronavirus stalks the city, more people are turning to the Richmond Department of Social Services for help.

Bishop Gerald O. Glenn and wife hospitalized with the coronavirus

A prominent Chesterfield County minister and his wife are both being treated at the hospital for the coronavirus.

Disinfecting your home and workspace are critical

In the past, they often went unnoticed, but now janitors, housekeepers and cleaning crews are front and center as the experts in cleaning and disinfecting amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Allergies or the coronavirus?

Is it allergies or the coronavirus? That’s a major question in Richmond, the nation’s capital for allergies based on pollen counts, number of allergy specialists and purchases of allergy medicine, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

How to clean your cell phone

You’re washing your hands countless times a day to try to ward off the coronavirus. You should also wash that extension of your hand and breeding ground for germs — your phone. Tests done by scientists show that the virus ...

U.Va. enrolls first patient in COVID-19 medication study

The University of Virginia Health System has joined a national clinical trial testing a potential COVID-19 medication.

Local quilt guild makes face masks for VCU health workers

Naima Wares-Akers and her legion of Richmond area quilters are filling a deep gap in keeping hospital employees and other health care workers safe from the coronavirus.

Richmond family dealing with death of loved one from coronavirus

Richmonder Paul Amos Wright had a job he loved. And it killed him. Mr. Wright, 78, is among Virginia’s latest victims of COVID-19.