Letters to the Editor

‘There is no space for complacency’

Re “Virginia elects Democrats to top posts, other offices” and “House of Delegates to become more diverse,” Free Press Nov. 9-11 edition:

End NAFTA; don’t renegotiate it

To his credit, President Trump pulled the United States of America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would have diminished our sovereignty. However, he is now misguided about the North American Free Trade Agreement. Instead of getting out of it, ...

‘We voted for you, now we want to see results’

I would like to know when the Virginia Democratic Party will officially thank African-American women for the party’s win in the Nov. 7 election.

Public pressure needed to address upgrades for school buildings

I’m thoroughly disappointed that Richmond School Board action to address the emergency needs of schools facilities has stalled.

National Slave Memorial may help ‘contextualize’ Confederate statues

The push to dismantle Confederate statues became a simmering crucible in the Virginia gubernatorial race. This is no surprise as the state had an outsized role in the Civil War and the subsequent century-long American apartheid from 1865 to the ...

Say nothing if you don’t vote

The election for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and other positions is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Our community — the African-American community — must vote in Obama-type and Wilder-type election numbers. We must show up and show out.

Write-in candidate for sheriff

Our antiquated judicial system, with its concept of “lock ’em up and throw away the key,” has improved greatly in some parts of our nation. Richmond can be credited with innovative and enhanced programs benefiting inmates confined in detention.

Get to root cause of school problems

Re “Criminal probe in lewd, racist Henrico middle school video,” Free Press Oct. 26-28 edition: There is a scripture within the 13th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew that talks about where good crops are sown, weeds are sown among ...

Council President Hilbert may be ‘confused’ about St. Luke project

Re “Hilbert critical of city’s handling of St. Luke project in Gilpin Court,” Free Press Oct. 26-28 edition:

ISIS like Lee, destroyers of America

The next time an ISIS follower comes to America to destroy America we should put up a statue to honor him on Monument Avenue. He would be in good company. If we don’t like destroyers of America why do we ...

Confederate statues belong in museums

As shown in Charlottesville, the monument controversy can have some dangerous results. Here in Richmond, the police and other law enforcement had time to prepare for the rally. There were no deaths and only a few arrests. I guess each ...

Take down all the statues

Regarding the brouhaha over the Confederate statues here and elsewhere, I have come up with a solution that should please both sides.

ESPN anchor vs. Trump

Perhaps it was not the proper forum for ESPN anchor Jemele Hill to air her opinion about President Trump. But the president himself has made a plethora of denouncements of people both here and abroad. Those include character assassinations of ...

Creating a peaceful Richmond

As a Hijabi Muslim and new resident of Richmond, I quickly learned that the city is quite welcoming. It was during a visit to the grocery store that I really felt welcomed, and then again when I went to Short ...

Don’t believe Trump

African-Americans and other fair-minded Americans should not believe President 45’s hype disavowing white supremacy. His lies and con game are getting more people to say, “45 is not my president.” He only represents the white supremacists and the Ku Klux ...