Letters to the Editor

Talk about the real issues

On Thursday, Sept. 9, I was interviewed by two white people – a man with a camera and a woman reporter from a local television station – in front of the U.S. Post Office on Main Street in Downtown regarding ...

Honoring Tony Cosby

Re “Actor Tony D. Cosby, who portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in area productions for decades, dies at 66,” Free Press Sept. 2-4 edition:

‘Don’t believe everything you read ... in the Richmond Free Press’

Re “Jury still out: After a year on the job, Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith has not won over many officers or residents either through style or substance,” Free Press Aug. 12-14 edition, and “Vacancies hurting Richmond’s emergency operations,” Free ...

In praise of GOP candidate for governor

Re Letter to the editor ‘GOP candidate a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” ’ Free Press Aug. 12-14 edition:

Virginia GOP ‘suffering voter-suppression envy’

Re Article “Who are we?” and editorial “Redistricting,” Free Press Aug. 19-21 edition:

Pass along rental assistance information to others

Re “State still has $788M available to help families facing eviction,” Free Press Aug. 5-7 edition:

J. Edgar Hoover doesn’t deserve to be memorialized

Why is J. Edgar Hoover’s name memorialized on the FBI headquarters building in Washington? This is like putting the image of the devil on the front of a church.

GOP candidate a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’

I was disgusted when I saw the Republican candidate for governor, Glenn Youngkin, surrounded by Black folks at a recent news conference at Virginia Union University.

Send A.P. Hill’s remains ‘back to his hometown’

Re “ ‘From monument desecration to grave robbing,’ ” Letter to the Editor, Free Press July 29-31 edition:

Braves next?

Cleveland, thanks for finally doing the right thing by ditching your city’s Major League Baseball franchise name “The Cleveland Indians” at the end of the 2021 MLB season.

Coliseum and homelessness

Re “Where are people to go?” Free Press July 22-24 edition:

‘From monument desecration to grave robbing’

Re “Wrinkle in removal: City doesn’t own Confederate Gen. A.P. Hill’s statue,” Free Press July 22-24 edition:

Create a ‘Social Justice Trail’ in Richmond

Re Column “Reimagining Monument Avenue,” Free Press July 1-3 edition:

VEC brings suffering to thousands of unemployed

After seven and one-half months waiting for unemployment insurance or pandemic unemployment assistance benefits, I am in dire straits: I am driving dirty, i.e., with no car insurance and an expired inspection sticker, because I have no income.

Setting the record straight on state Elections Board action

Re “Councilman Michael Jones blasts ‘blatant discrimination’ by state Board of Elections,” Free Press July 8-10 edition: