Letters to the Editor

Unveil the camouflage to combat bullying

Bullying is plantational authoritarianism. Someone posted on social media an adolescent male sobbing because of bullying incidents. Bullies are not those actually committing the conflicts, but those who have the authority to resolve the discords and don’t — or won’t ...

Dr. Lucas’ record should have been scrutinized

Re “VUU president accused of fraud,” Free Press Feb. 1-3 edition: I am a Virginia Union University alumnus and your article is not only embarrassing, but again indicative of extremely negligent administrative oversight on the part of the VUU Board ...

Punxsutawney Phil needs to be retired

As time passes, traditions that are no longer in sync with enlightened attitudes must evolve. It’s time to retire Punxsutawney, Pa.,’s annual groundhog spectacle.

Confederate on Virginia Women’s Monument ‘will diminish’ it

Once again, the state of Virginia has allowed some to dishonor, or fail to acknowledge, the vast accomplishments and the very existence of a marginalized people or population as it proceeds toward the erection of another Confederate statue, that of ...

West End Dialysis Center responds

Re “ ‘I was handed a death sentence’: Advocates help NAACP stalwart Ora Lomax receive life-saving dialysis after a Henrico center moves to terminate her treatment,” Free Press Feb. 1-3 edition:

Richmond Continentals grateful to sponsors

Re “Holiday elegance” photo and caption, Free Press Jan. 4-6 edition: I would like to make a correction in your coverage of the Richmond Chapter of the Continentals Societies Inc.

Mayor Stoney brought ‘sunshine of optimism’ to Richmond

Re “ Jury still out: Mayor Levar M. Stoney finishes first year amid ambivalence despite human touch,” Free Press Jan. 4-6 edition:

‘Trump does not have a clue’ about immigrants’ contributions to U.S.

Haiti was the first black-run country in the Western World. Beginning in the early 20th century, Middle Eastern immigrants began taking control of the country. Those few families now control the economics and politics of Haiti, along with the Catholic ...

Don’t wait for Petersburg, Hanover to change Confederate school names

Re “Petersburg School Board to hold sessions on renaming Confederate schools,” Free Press Jan. 4-6 edition: Why hasn’t the city of Richmond changed the names of schools named for Confederates?

‘Homeless people are human beings’

With frigid temperatures occurring, let’s not forget about those people who are homeless. Many people think this cannot happen to them, but it can. Many citizens are just a few paychecks away from falling into this catastrophe.

‘It’s time to make democracy work for everyone’

President Trump disbanded his Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which we all knew to be nothing more than a voter suppression scheme.

Former radio station owner ‘deserves better’

Re “FCC complaint filed over radio station change,” Free Press Jan. 4-6 edition:

‘The school system cannot budget morality’

During my 12 years of basic education under segregated schools, churches, communities and city, the focus was on academics and the “it takes a village to raise a child” concept.

Residents should ‘no longer passively accept any bogus’ utility taxes

Re “Tax law change to affect city utility customers,” Free Press Dec. 28-30 edition: Many thanks to Free Press staff writer Jeremy M. Lazarus for breaking the story that the new tax law change should reduce the federal income tax ...

Kudos to Free Press writer

Re “Questions, doubt about credibility of Rep. Robert C. Scott’s accuser,” Free Press Dec. 21-23 edition: Your article on Marsheri Reese Everson was on the money. Right now, most (national) journalists are afraid to question alleged “victims” in any way. ...