Letters to the Editor

Proposed Navy Hill project will dilute black voting strength

The 2,500 residential units called for in the Navy Hill District Corp. Downtown re- development project will result in Jackson Ward as we know it disappearing. This is because Jackson Ward will no longer be a predominately black community as ...

Open letter to Gov. Northam

To Gov. Ralph S. Northam, As the elected business manager of a labor union that supported you in the 2017 election for governor, I continue to be disappointed in your actions. The comments you made to the revenue advisory council ...

Take action, even after Election Day

Election season has come and gone, and while the work of a new legislature begins, many constituents may recede back into the woodwork until their next turn at the polls. After all, voters have completed their responsibility, and it is ...

Let’s do the right thing

Re “Get out: Court-ordered RRHA evictions raising alarms in Creighton Court,” Free Press Oct. 24-26 edition: It is a shame that many of our city’s top officials did not say anything when public housing tenants were being given eviction notices.

End surprise medical bills

Congress needs to take action to end surprise medical bills. These are the bills patients receive when they unknowingly go outside of their insurance network for care, without realizing their insurance will not cover them.

Trump: A ‘self-serving con man’

Donald Trump is a horrible president. He has spent three years demeaning the fundamental values and institutions of our democracy. He has scuttled thousands of federal regulations protecting peoples’ health and safety. He has done his best to destroy and ...

Democrats have ‘a lot of work to do’

We, Democrats, now have control of the GeneralAssembly and the Governor’s Office. We have a lot to repair.

Let’s get ready to rumble

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a spectacular night for a heavyweight live political title bout here at the O.S.A. arena in downtown Philadelphia.

Crusade’s candidate for 5th

The Richmond Crusade for Voters is proud of its heritage rich with the tradition of supporting candidates whose primary interest is eliminating injustices, creation of equality and providing a voice for the downtrodden, disabled and disaffected citizens in our community.

Support those who support us

It is important that the community supports and stands behind The Market@25th.

No more monuments to slave owners and Confederates

On Monday, the Commonwealth of Virginia took another absurd step toward creating another space in Richmond to celebrate slave owners and Confederates.

Gift giving

When my wife and I settled in the Richmond area from the then-smaller Fredericksburg region, we thought this area would be more tolerant and open-minded.

Isn’t it time for a promised honor?

Wouldn’t you agree that something is wrong if a top figure at a Richmond university told the world you were going to receive a tremendous honor, but the university never delivered that honor? That is what happened to me.

Coliseum review panel needs to be made right

Re “Coliseum review panel stalled after attempt to add VUU president,” Free Press Sept. 12-14 edition:

Who are the politicians in bed with tonight at the expense of the American people?

Too many of the “devout” white male politicians who scream about the immorality of others are themselves immoral and insatiably greedy.