Letters to the Editor

Hurricanes: Plan for worst, hope for best

I was born in New Orleans in 1949 and moved to Arabi, La., in 1960. During my lifetime, I have experienced every hurricane and tropical storm that ever hit the New Orleans region.

Kudos to governor, mayor on dedication to climate issues

I am glad to see Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Richmond Mayor Levar M. Stoney doing their part to ensure that people are provided with clean energy, a clean environment and green jobs that will boost the economy.

Who is President Trump eager to please?

There is much one could say or write about President Trump, and not a lot of it would be good.

Paradox of selling water cheaply to Chesterfield

Re: “Mayor seeks to lease part of park to Chesterfield for county drinking water,” June 1-3 edition: Richmond Free Press staff writer Jeremy Lazarus deserves an award for his investigative reporting on the city’s plan to allow Chesterfield to build ...

House candidate would seek ‘substance not symbols’

I support attorney Alex Mejias for the 70th District seat in the House of Delegates.

Candidate wants to dismantle ‘cradle-to-prison pipeline’

I was raised in Church Hill and am a 1965 graduate of Richmond’s Armstrong High School. My late parents, Helen and David Temple Sr., instilled in me the values of Christian faith and a deep commitment to public service. My ...

Kudos Free Press in coverage of Lady Panthers

I would like to commend the Richmond Free Press for its superior, in-depth coverage of the Virginia Union University Lady Panthers basketball team coached by AnnMarie Gilbert.

Changes in meat, dairy industries?

Last Sunday, animal rights activists celebrated the end of the 146-year-old Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus after years of effectively exposing them for animal abuse. Can the meat and dairy industries be far behind?

Wanted: RPS leader who thinks outside the box

Re “Common concerns emerge in forum on superintendent search,” May 18-20 edition:

Slavery was a choice

Isaac Winston lived in the Greenwood section of Hanover County in the early part of the 18th century. After his parents died, he was willed a great deal of land and black people who were being forced to do slave ...

‘Afraid of the wolf in the closet’

It should not be surprising to decent, honest, thinking people what we hear in the news from the White House. We have a president who does not regard the truth, does not respect other people, does not know his business ...

Where is money coming from to pay Bedden’s severance?

Re “Payout for Bedden,” May 4-6 edition:

What’s in a street name?

When land developers plan housing projects, business parks, health care complexes, school campuses or recreational areas, the streets, and often buildings, are named. Who would want to move to a street with a vulgar or ugly name, like Vulgar Parkway ...

‘Virginians are too sensitive or touchy to appreciate the meaning’ of the Lee monument

Re: “Charlottesville City Council votes to sell Lee statue,” April 20-22 edition: I’m a Canadian, and as a Canadian I feel I must first apologize to your readers for daring to comment on an issue affecting only Virginians and not ...

Trump creating turmoil

The person that we, the American people, are supposed to trust and call president is putting the United States in turmoil. President Trump has been given too much power and his supporters think that anything that comes out of his ...