Letters to the Editor

President Trump is no aberration

The American news media is deceiving the world when it consistently describes No. 45 as an aberration in the history of the United States presidency. Equally deceiving is its describing and romanticizing the American voting public as some kind of ...

All GRTC bus stops need benches

Re “GRTC ridership up 17%” Free Press May 23-25 edition: It’s all well and fine that GRTC ridership is up 17 percent. But I noticed that many of the bus stops have nowhere for the riders to sit while waiting ...

Slavery, history and distortions

Re Column, “Distortions of our history,” Free Press May 30-June 1 edition: In her column, Julianne Malveaux herself distorts the history of slavery when she said: “Let’s make it plain: Europeans went to the African continents (sic), kidnapped people (sometimes ...

End male shaming

“Boy.” This isn’t a term regarding male minors. It’s the offensive and derogatory word used when shaming a male.

Reader draws own conclusion on Gov. Northam’s yearbook photo

Re “Probe into Northam’s blackface scandal ‘inconclusive,’” Free Press May 23-25 edition:

Gov. Northam should resign

Re: “Probe into Northam’s blackface scandal ‘inconclusive,’” Free Press May 23-25 edition:

HBCUs have long had a major impact

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have impacted my life and who I am and created so many defining moments for me that I have lost count. I laud them because they deserve it.

Michael Brown deserves better

Michael Brown, the 18-year-old who was fatally shot by a white Ferguson, Mo., police officer in August 2014, was vilified and demonized by a large segment of the majority race in our society.

Khalfani for new state director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Gov. Ralph S. Northam’s attempt to address the blackface culture that is part of America’s DNA is a start to the healing that is required to regain trust and respect for the Commonwealth of Virginia as it seeks to become ...

USA: The “Wild, Wild West”

Never could any of us have imagined we would witness as many mass shootings like the one May 7 in Colorado.

City needs 5- to 7-year budgeting plan

Richmond City Council was presented with a bold, aggressive budget proposal with the top priorities put up front. We, the council members, all agreed to the priorities, even though we differed in the sources of funding.

‘Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson’

Kudos to Rodney A. Robinson, the teacher at Virgie Binford Education Center located inside the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center, for being named the 2019 National Teacher of the Year. He is the first Richmond Public Schools teacher to obtain this ...

Real estate tax hike proposal and duplicity

Some public officials with admirable objectives are being less than straight with this town as it relates to the proposed real estate tax increase. They are pretending that if residents agree to this tax increase, we are in the clear.

Malevolence of Section 8 housing laws

The Black Holocaust denies are constantly among us. This is because the Black Holocaust is still going on. It didn’t end with slavery or early Jim Crow days. The Section 8 rental law was meant to keep black people from ...

‘Put our children first’ when it comes to education

As a native of Prince Edward County, I think the number of folks using the Brown v. Board of Education decision to perpetuate their respective narratives regarding the state of our public schools, specifically Richmond Public Schools, is appalling.