Letters to the Editor

President Obama deserves a lot of credit

I cannot help but reflect on the insulting treatment President Obama received during his eight years. He came into office when the country was losing jobs. The banks were making all kinds of reckless and illegal decisions, and the auto ...

‘Keep your eyes on the prize’

In these trying times of change and challenge, my thoughts shifted to the award-winning documentary, “Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.” The documentary was about the challenges and success of the Civil Rights Movement. The prize was not the struggles ...

Name Frederick Douglass Free Press ‘Personality’ of the week

Would the Richmond Free Press please name Frederick Douglass as its next “Personality” of the week after having been named Abolitionist of the Year 2017 by President Donald Trump?

Thanks for serving real journalism

Thank you to the Richmond Free Press for your article “More payouts: 3 City Council aides receive $97,000 total in severance, vacation pay,” Jan. 26-28 edition.

The world today and Jesus

I believe thousands of years ago people who believed in only one God thought the best way to worship this God was to build houses of worship.

Circus folding its tent will impact the city

Now with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus coming to a close, Richmond will be without: 1 – A major circus coming to town.

How things change

Being an old Army vet now at the age of 75, I find it hard to understand the world of 2017.

Congratulations to Richmond Free Press

Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the Richmond Free Press!

Trump’s photo op mocks Dr. King’s legacy, work

President-elect Donald Trump’s political photo op with Martin Luther King III on Monday spread a distorted image around the globe to manipulate the 24-hour news cycle about Rep. John Lewis of Georgia questioning the legitimacy of his election.

Prayer for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Lord God, who is the champion of kindness, justice and equity in our world, As we gather this morning to remember and honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., help us to understand and rededicate ourselves to the ...

President Obama’s farewell speech

It’s good to be home. My fellow Americans, Michelle and I have been so touched by all the well-wishes we’ve received over the past few weeks. But tonight it’s my turn to say thanks. Whether we’ve seen eye to eye ...

Recipe for public education success

Education is still the key to success. In Richmond, it is not up to school personnel, the School Board or the City Council to solve all of these problems. All of us are responsible. All of the community is responsible. ...

All for ‘Merry Christmas’

When December dawns, thoughts turn to the greatest of all seasons — Christmas. A lot of customs have become associated with Christmas since the reason for this great season was born more than 2,000 years ago. The birth of Christ ...

A right to express one’s feelings

While the Obama presidency and the year itself both come to an end, the double standard extant between folks of color and others continues unchecked.

Change takes place from the bottom up

When President Obama first ran on the slogan, “Yes We Can,” I was all in. I, as well as others, understood the importance of a collective effort to affect progressive change.