Letters to the Editor

Inequality and injustice must end

The most recent acts of evil that brought about innocent deaths of Black people due to police brutality and white racism compel the faculty of School of Theology at Virginia Union University, or STVU, to condemn these acts in the ...

Policing and COVID-19: A dangerous combination

As protests in Richmond continue to draw attention to decades of overpolicing, it has become abundantly clear that the status quo cannot hold. Richmond is a city with deeply entrenched segregation and brutal poverty alongside glittering new developments. Recent police ...

President Obama on the death of Congressman John Lewis

Editor’s note: Former President Obama issued the following statement last Saturday on the death of Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. It stands in stark contrast to that tweeted by the current occupant of the White House.

Judge Cavedo should be removed

Re “Questions swirl around judge,” Free Press July 16-18 edition:

Reaching out

I’m a volunteer for an environmental organization. Like many similar organizations, the great majority of our leaders are white, middle-aged or older and middle class or better. Of course, this is not representative of Virginia.

Safe voting during the pandemic

As a young political activist, my 18th birthday was monumental because I would be able vote. However, I turned 18 on Nov. 24, 2016, and missed the opportunity that year to participate in one of the most significant and historical ...

Possible names for the Washington NFL team

The Washington NFL franchise is a disgrace! In the year 2020, Washington team owner Daniel Snyder cannot possibly continue to rationalize keeping his ridiculously racist team name in the face of widespread, righteous public condemnation.

Hatred and hypocrisy

Currently, we are in the midst of a major and long overdue reckoning in this nation.

Climate crisis is a social justice issue

People in the city of Richmond protested during the past month and they have been heard. The city that was once on fire at the close of the Civil War is again on fire — spiritually and politically. Now is ...

Discrimination, political correctness and profiteers

If we want to truly be equal, take all the statues down, and don’t show favoritism to any one race or gender.

Why is Rojai Fentress still in prison?

On April 13, 1996, Thomas W. Foley was shot in a breezeway of an apartment building on Midlothian Turnpike while trying to purchase crack cocaine.

Excellence in education is paramount

As a veteran participant in the struggle for racial justice, I enthusiastically support the unparalleled street demonstrations, sparked by the 8-minute, 46-second police execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and spearheaded by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Make Kunta Kinte’s burial site a mecca

In a 1965 edition of Collier’s Encyclopedia, an account of the arrival of the first enslaved people in Virginia was offered thusly, supposedly by someone who was there: “About the last of August came in a Dutch man of warre ...

'Remember children living with domestic violence’

Most people would agree domestic violence is a blight on society generally and directly on people and families affected by it.

Movement goes into chaos

I can understand the current movement, but things have gotten way out of control.