Letters to the Editor

Armstrong High needs volunteers

The wrecking balls have come to 1611 N. 31st St. in the East End, the site of Armstrong High School since 1952. For me, Armstrong High School holds so many pleasant memories. This is where I taught 12 Government and

‘Removing Confederate monuments is a step out of … complacency and acceptance’

Full text of letter submitted on behalf of the board and staff of the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia: A year ago, the renovation of the old Leigh Street Armory was completed and the Black History Museum ...

Add statue honoring U.S. Colored Troops

Keep the Confederates on Monument Avenue to teach about the Lost Cause era, but add a monument to the United States Colored Troops for their valor during the Civil War.

Use revenue from statues to ‘ease some of the disparity in this city’

As the son of a Black Panther, I may be the most pro-black person you’ll meet. That being said, the statues on Monument Avenue should remain in place.

‘We never assumed a back seat’

African-American people did not lose the Civil War. And, as opposed to man’s historical traditions, we did not rob or pillage or rape. The fact of the matter is that rather than throw this in their faces, we took to ...

‘This is the moment’ to address domestic terrorism in state law

The groups and individuals who unabashedly proclaim themselves to be aligned with white supremacy in all of its organizational iterations for the promotion of violence and intimidation are indeed domestic terrorists.

Confederate statue has no place in Surry County

I write as one of many concerned citizens who believe it is time for the Confederate monuments to come down, particularly the one outside the Surry County Courthouse.

Charlottesville a wake-up call

The incidents in Charlottesville have served as even more of a wake-up call than Donald Trump in the White House. Racism is alive and running rampant in the United States. Even worse, it’s not being condemned by the highest leadership ...

‘Our ancestors were robbed’

Re Letter to the Editor, “ ‘How would you feel if we demand all of your statues … and heritage be removed,’ ” Free Press July 27-29 edition:

Trump and violence in Charlottesville

Having lived in Alabama, I can recall how former Gov. George Wallace used racist language to incite his white supremacist followers to violence.

‘We could only hope to live up to the words on the Reconciliation Statue’

In the bright sunlight, Richmond’s Reconciliation Statue, unveiled a decade ago by then-Gov. Tim Kaine and seen as an apology for this country’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, cast an appropriate shadow upon our sorrow. Hundreds of us gathered ...

Racist groups must be viewed as direct threat to national security

We are concerned about the white supremacist-organized domestic terrorist threat facing the United States. And we say to members of Congress, enough is enough. It is time to do something about it. These organized domestic terrorists and their leaders operate ...

How can we trust President Trump?

How can we trust President Trump?

‘Richmond could be a showpiece’

Re “‘Tear those statues down:’ Richmonders decry mayor’s plan to put Confederate statues ‘in context,’” Free Press June 29-July 1 edition:

1 vendor? ‘This is ridiculous!’

Re “Only 1 black-owned food vendor at NFL training camp,” Free Press July 27-29 edition: Only one black food vendor at the NFL training camp in Richmond? This is ridiculous!