Letters to the Editor

A slew of changes needed in D.C.

To get more money in, we need new tax laws.

What will happen to people under Trumpcare?

Re “Report forecasts millions would lose health insurance under Trumpcare,” March 16-18 edition: What will happen to the 24 million people who would lose their health insurance under Trumpcare? We all know in our hearts that this is wrong.

Exclusion ‘appalling but unsurprising’

Re “Sessions seeks to revive federal anti-crime program that targeted African-Americans,” March 16-18 edition: Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ failure, perhaps calculated, to invite the Richmond Free Press to his meeting in Richmond is appalling but unsurprising.

Kudos on Free Press coverage

Re “Nat Turner links black, white George Wythe High alumni,” March 2-4 edition: Thank you for including the Nat Turner article in your fine newspaper and sharing the story of Nat Turner’s descendants and what happened back in 1831 on ...

Interventionists can help with handling addicts

Interventions can be the difference between life and death for a drug addict or an alcoholic. Not every person in need of rehab is going to initially jump at the chance to get clean and handle the issues that drove ...

New GRTC bus routes avoid travel within public housing communities

After painstaking research, multiple workshops with Leaders Of The New South and interviews with city residents, it is apparent there will no longer be buses moving through the public housing neighborhoods in Richmond.

Congratulations to the Free Press

Re “Free Press in the Congressional Record,” March 2-4 edition: I wanted to drop you a note of congratulations on recently receiving a citation — now memorialized in the Congressional Record — from 4th District Congressman A. Donald McEachin commemorating ...

Crusade for the truth

Re Editorial page column, “Black newspapers needed more than ever,” Feb. 23-25 edition: Your recently published piece in the Free Press by Oscar H. Blayton was timely and spot on. What’s often missing today is a mechanism to put pieces ...

Public should defend progress on climate change

The current state of the environment is a pressing concern for Richmond. In 2015, we were No. 1 in ragweed, pollen and ozone pollution, and currently are No. 2 in the country for asthma count.

Free Press ‘jumped to conclusion’

Re Editorial, “Mis-education,” March 2-4 edition:

‘I’m confused!’

I love zodiac and horoscope information because it tells you a lot about a person. President Donald Trump is a Gemini, the sign of the twins.

‘People will not allow attacks on democracy to go unopposed’

As the final days of this year’s Black History Month coincide with the adjournment of Virginia’s 2017 General Assembly session, I see glimmers of hope for a bright future in the Commonwealth.

Lack of equality even in death

Re “Righting grave wrongs: Virginia General Assembly approves funds for 2 area historic African-American cemeteries; state has been paying for upkeep of Confederate graves for 100 years,” Feb. 23-25 edition:

Thank you to the Free Press

Re: “We are all refugees: Richmond faith community calls for unity, action in face of Trump ban,” Feb. 9-11 edition:

Trump and control

President Trump has been addressing the people for the last year and a half. Most of what he has said has been in terms of blame, shame and justification. These are not the terms of someone speaking from a position ...