Choose wisely

The worst of times can bring out the best in people.

Unusual, extraordinary times

This edition of the Richmond Free Press is a labor of commitment and care.


Coronavirus is nothing to sneeze at.

Super Tuesday redux

Lessons learned from Super Tuesday, the Democratic presidential primary contest held this week in Virginia and 13 other states and American Samoa, which was won overwhelmingly by former Vice President Joe Biden:

Super Tuesday

We urge our readers to turn out to vote on Tuesday, March 3.

Cathy's Camp

The Bible tells us, “The poor will always be with you.” But Richmond has got to find a better way to help people in need. Latest case in point: The people living in the Cathy’s Camp tent city.

Election Day holiday

We are bolstered by the recent passage of bills in the House of Delegates and state Senate to eliminate the shameful and insulting Lee-Jackson Day and replace it with a state holiday on Election Day in November.

Lessons learned

We applaud Richmond City Council for putting the brakes on the expensive project to replace the Coliseum and redevelop a portion of Downtown.

HBCUs today

The last few days haven’t been the greatest for HBCUs.

A real sickness

Forget the coronavirus. Would somebody please quarantine President Trump before he makes the nation sicker?

Promises, promises

We congratulate Richmond City Council members Kim B. Gray, Chris A. Hilbert, Kristen N. Larson, Stephanie A. Lynch and Reva M. Trammell who — like we — are neither bought nor bound to Dominion Energy CEO Tom Farrell’s and Mayor ...

Lobby Day 2020: An affront to Dr. King

There was something eerie and insulting about the thousands of gun-toting lobbyists who packed the area around Capitol Square on Monday to demand that Virginia lawmakers not step on their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Following directions

Dear Reader, This edition of the Richmond Free Press begins our 28th year of publishing. Our first edition — January 16-18,1992 — hit the streets with no internet, no smart phones and very few media outlets that populate today’s media ...

Opportunity time

The 2020 Virginia General Assembly session started on Wednesday with several historic markers of note.

Trump, Iran and answers

Now that President Trump has pushed America to the brink of war in the Middle East, we want answers.