Golf without Woods? A possibility

The PGA Tour without Tiger Woods was always inevitable purely because of age. His shattered right leg from his SUV flipping down a hill Tuesday morning on a sweeping road through coastal Los Angeles suburbs only brings that closer.

President Biden begins work on unfinished business of Trump administration

President Biden’s launch this month of a series of ambitious goals focused on resetting the nation’s agenda is being steadily packed with suggestions he include the endless list of unresolved issues left on the table by the last president.

Biden nominates Virginia official, former VSU dean, to key USDA post

Dr. Jewel H. Bronaugh is heading to Washington to help run the U.S. Department of Agriculture after nearly three years of leading Virginia’s agricultural agency.

Photojournalist from Richmond to have a front row to history – again

Richmond native and photojournalist Lawrence Jackson, who served as an official White House photographer during the Obama administration, will again capture the news and private moments of the nation’s top leaders.

A literary star is born

The country has a new president and a new literary star.

Black officer hailed as hero

A Black U.S. Capitol Police officer is being hailed a hero for steering an angry mob away from the U.S. Senate chambers in last week’s deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol by supporters of the president.

No charges in shootings of Jacob Blake and Tamir Rice

A Wisconsin prosecutor declined Tuesday to file charges against a white police officer who shot a Black man in the back in Kenosha, Wis., concluding he couldn’t disprove the officer’s contention that he acted in self-defense because he feared the ...

Minority-owned companies waited months for federal COVID-19 relief loans

Thousands of minority-owned small businesses were at the end of the line in the government’s coronavirus relief program as many struggled to find banks that would accept their applications or were disadvantaged by the terms of the program.

Sculpture honors 1st Black president of U.S. college

The first Black president of an American college is being honored with a sculpture installed in the Vermont city where he was born in 1826.

Biden taps diverse slate for top jobs

Backed by repeated state and U.S. Supreme Court affirmations that a majority of voters in America legally elected Democrat Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States, President-elect Biden and his teammate, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, have ...

Don’t spend your stimulus check just yet

On hold. That’s the status of the $600 government checks and a host of other aid contained in the $900 billion coronavirus stimulus package Congress overwhelmingly approved Monday.

VSU, NSU receive multimillion $ bonanzas

Virginia State University just received a gift of $30 million, the largest private donation since its founding 138 years ago. Norfolk State University also received a record-setting gift of $40 million.

Gov. Northam signs ‘Breonna’s Law’ banning no-knock warrants

Two of Breonna Taylor’s aunts watched in Richmond on Monday as Gov. Ralph S. Northam ceremonially signed a statewide ban against police use of no-knock search warrants, a law named after Ms. Taylor, a Kentucky woman who was fatally shot ...

African-American astronaut pilots SpaceX capsule to International Space Station

SpaceX’s newly launched capsule with four astronauts arrived Monday at the International Space Station, piloted by Navy Cmdr. Victor Glover, 44.

Hate crimes reach highest level in more than a decade

Hate crimes in the United States rose to the highest level in more than a decade as federal officials also recorded the highest number of hate-motivated killings since the FBI began collecting that data in the early 1990s, according to ...