The deliverables

Like many, we were surprised by the outcome of Tuesday’s Democratic primary election between state Sen. Rosalyn Dance of Petersburg and challenger Joe Morrissey of Richmond. Mr. Morrissey, whose past legal and professional ethics troubles are too numerous and well ...


Our spirit is vexed by President Trump, whose words and actions seem to undermine the U.S. Constitution, the safety and security of our nation and the ideals we stand for. Where to begin?

Central Park Five: Harrowing, humanizing

Many know them as the Central Park Five, but filmmaker Ava DuVernay forces us to see the five wrongfully convicted men as individuals. Their names are names we must remember, as individual, courageous, principled black and brown men. They are ...

Who represents black women?

I can’t remember a time in my adult life when I wasn’t working on justice issues on behalf of people in my community. I’ve worked for the benefit of women who shared my views and some who don’t. But it’s ...

President Trump is no aberration

The American news media is deceiving the world when it consistently describes No. 45 as an aberration in the history of the United States presidency. Equally deceiving is its describing and romanticizing the American voting public as some kind of ...

We must do more

What does it take to tighten gun laws in Virginia? How many people have to die before the Virginia General Assembly takes action to curb the violence in our communities?

Black bodies creating white power

Almost every high school student in America knows about the compromise reached during the drafting of the U.S. Constitution resulting in enslaved people being counted as three-fifths of a person during the national census held every 10 years.

Ignorance, racism and a good book

Ignorance breeds racism. By ignorance, I don’t mean the lack of college or other educational degrees. I’m really talking about how some families teach their children to hate certain people based upon lies.

All GRTC bus stops need benches

Re “GRTC ridership up 17%” Free Press May 23-25 edition: It’s all well and fine that GRTC ridership is up 17 percent. But I noticed that many of the bus stops have nowhere for the riders to sit while waiting ...

Slavery, history and distortions

Re Column, “Distortions of our history,” Free Press May 30-June 1 edition: In her column, Julianne Malveaux herself distorts the history of slavery when she said: “Let’s make it plain: Europeans went to the African continents (sic), kidnapped people (sometimes ...

End male shaming

“Boy.” This isn’t a term regarding male minors. It’s the offensive and derogatory word used when shaming a male.

Fix what’s broken

We are dumbstruck by the continuing depth of problems associated with Richmond Public Schools.

Virginians deserve the truth

We didn’t expect much from the investigation into Gov. Ralph S. Northam’s racist medical school yearbook page, and that’s exactly what we got — not much.

Distortions of our history

According to some historians, Afrodescendants first entered these United States in 1619 off the coast of Virginia. If we believe that narrative, Afrodescendants have been in this country for 400 years.

Free students from burden of college debt

The reaction — shock, joy, disbelief, euphoria — revealed the importance of billionaire Robert F. Smith’s stunning gift, when he announced unexpectedly that he would pay off the college debts of Morehouse College students graduating this year. His gift literally ...