Taxpayers are being groped

Speaking of groping, why are our politicians continuing to allow powerful people in the corporate sector and elsewhere to obscenely grope our tax dollars?

Expression of thanks

The family of the late Rev. Curtis W. Harris sincerely appreciates the wealth of support we have received since the death of our beloved patriarch on Dec. 10. The visits, phone calls, tweets, Facebook expressions, food, flowers, cards and contributions ...

Civil rights groups push to open housing policy deliberations

Wherever you live or your household size, home is a special place where children are raised and memories are made. Owning a home is also the largest, single investment that most families make in a lifetime.

Kwanzaa, a balm in Gilead

The sickening sight of smug sycophantic Republicans celebrating the passage of their tax bill on the White House lawn was the Scrooge-like move to drop a lump of coal into the stockings of the 13 million Americans likely to lose ...

Ebenezer Scrooge and the ‘tax scam’

One of my favorite Christmas pastimes is looking through my television content guide, finding a scheduled airing of “A Christmas Carol” and tuning in to watch. I don’t know how many iterations of this movie classic have been made, but ...

‘The civil rights struggle has not survived on fear nor superficiality’

Re Letter to the editor, “Absence from Mississippi museum dedication hurt us,” Free Press Dec. 14-16 edition: It is an unimaginable claim that Rep. John Lewis’ absence from the dedication of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Dec. 9 hurt ...

Businesses, nonprofits and Jesus

A business has to make a profit to stay in business. The nonprofit idea was a way to induce people to give money to avoid taxes.

Kudos to The Comfort Movement

Re “Collecting comfort items for children separated from parents,” Free Press Nov. 22-25 edition: I saw the article posted recently about The Comfort Movement project led by the Free Press’ Cynthia Downing, who is collecting stuffed animals and donations to ...

Trump’s race-based view of monuments

Not long after the violence over Robert E. Lee’s statue in Charlottesville, President Trump went to great lengths to declare the beauty and importance of Confederate monuments strewn across the former slave-holding states.

Thanks are OK, but hook a sistah up

U.S. Sen.-elect Doug Jones, a Democrat from Alabama, did not have to win his battle against accused sexual molester and Republican candidate Roy Moore in the epic battle in Alabama on Dec. 12.

Christmas message

May the blessings of the season encircle you with peace and joy.

Absence from Mississippi museum dedication hurt us

The opening last week of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History in Jackson, Miss., was not about President Trump. It was about a tribute to the initial starting blocks toward the struggle for identity, freedom ...

Preserving slave district is an ‘ethical imperative’

Re ‘Opponents fear Main Street Station plans will run over slave memorial,’ Free Press Nov. 30-Dec. 2 edition:

Zero tolerance needed for racism

Michigan Congressman John Conyers was the first politician to leave his job after the “Me Too” hash tag galvanized women to speak up about sexual misconduct, harassment and more.