Get to root cause of school problems

Re “Criminal probe in lewd, racist Henrico middle school video,” Free Press Oct. 26-28 edition: There is a scripture within the 13th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew that talks about where good crops are sown, weeds are sown among ...

Council President Hilbert may be ‘confused’ about St. Luke project

Re “Hilbert critical of city’s handling of St. Luke project in Gilpin Court,” Free Press Oct. 26-28 edition:


We are encouraged by the energy


We support Antionette V. Irving for this open seat to replace longtime Sheriff C.T. Woody.

Richmond schools referendum

An editorial published in the Oct. 19-21 edition of the Free Press details our position on Proposition A on the Richmond

3rd District Richmond School Board

3rd District Richmond School Board With the litany of problems facing Richmond Public Schools, we believe the best person to represent the parents, students and residents of the 3rd District is Joann Henry.

House of Delegates

In the Richmond area House of Delegates races, we endorse the six Democratic candidates in large measure to strengthen the opposition to the GOP’s rigid vise grip on the House that has proven a disaster for average Virginians.

Top of the ticket

We cannot stress enough the importance of voting in Tuesday’s election for Virginia’s next governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

Small $ for a moral education

With increasingly tragic results for our culture and our future, we witness on an almost daily basis the use of Twitter-launched diversions from President Trump designed to divert our attention from the real issues and crises of our time. This ...

Show the world a new Richmond

I was fortunate to come of age as the Civil Rights Movement was coming to a climax in the 1960s. As an observer and participant, and later an amateur historian, I was witness to the destruction of Jim Crow. I ...

NFL must address racial justice

“We want to make sure we are understanding what the players are talking about, and that is complex.” — National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell

Class and crass

I never thought I would miss our 43d President, George W. Bush. And I’ve never thought of him as a great, or even good, speaker. But the speech he gave Oct. 19, at a conference convened by the George W. ...

Teachable moment

We have seen segments of the foul video posted to social media showing white football team members from Henrico County’s Short Pump Middle School in the locker room simulating sex acts on black members of the team while making racist ...

Marching for accountability

I want to thank the Richmond Free Press for allowing your personnel to attend our Oct. 10 March for Accountability and thereby placing a photo of some of the marchers in your newspaper. However, the title given to the photo ...