And wise...

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus wisely offered alternative events Tuesday in Richmond remembering the Africans who were brought to Virginia 400 years ago in 1619.

‘Red Summer’: Lessons for today

On July 27, 1919, and for 13 days after, Chicago was engulfed in violence. White mobs wantonly attacked black people and black people fought back.

Kudos to state Dems for rejecting Jamestown event with Trump

Re “Virginia lawmakers spar on reported Trump visit to Jamestown,” Free Press July 25-27 edition:

Loss, civility and compassion

A couple of days ago, my 95-year-old mother passed away suddenly. She was doing well one day, and a day or two later, she was gone. The one good thing was that she didn’t suffer.

Calling out racism

Re Editorial “Protecting the real America,” Free Press July 18-20 edition:

Bell the cat

It was clear from the first 60 minutes of testimony by former special counsel Robert S. Mueller on Wednesday morning before the House Judiciary Committee that he was not going to give the Democrats what they were seeking: A dramatic ...

Hunger games

Nearly every week we get a new indicator of the cruelty of the current White House administration and its lopsided favoritism for the nation’s greedy corporate and individual 1 percenters at the expense of the 99 percent of us at ...

No justice for Eric Garner

Eric Garner died pleading for his life on a New York City sidewalk. The chokehold that triggered his fatal asthma attack was illegal.

Standing up for mouthy women

Mary Turner was lynched on May 19, 1918, because she dared to raise her voice. Her husband, Hayes Turner, was among 13 people lynched in two weeks in and around Valdosta, Ga.

What goes around, comes around

Demographically, white folks comprise about 16 percent of the global population. Can you imagine their sum-total consternation if the other 84 percent, mostly folks of color, suddenly took up the chant, “Go back to where you came from”?

Protecting the real America

President Trump is a racist. Period.

Make Va. No. 1 for workers, not just business

Virginia recently was ranked the best state in the country to do business and the worst state for worker rights and protections.

Michelle Obama still a role model

As First Lady, Mrs. Obama earned a singular place in American history as the first black woman to hold the title. But it was her dignity and grace, her compassion and her commitment to uplifting the American people that truly ...

History class with Trump

As George Washington climbed aboard Air Force One to fly to Europe, Capt. Paul Revere started the engines. As Capt. Revere took off he yelled, “The Americans are coming! Beware!” A Donald Trump history class is so enlightening.

Engagement needed, not whitewash

Unfortunately, holding closed-door meetings will not accomplish what he seeks. Gov. Northam still has serious questions to answer.