Vote on Tuesday, June 13

If you want to have a say in which candidates are on the November ballot, get ready to vote. Polls across Virginia will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 13, for voters to make their choices ...

Finally, a listening tour

The national office of the NAACP has made a couple of significant changes lately. They dismissed chairwoman Roslyn M. Brock and president Cornell Brooks.

A return to heavy-handed criminal justice

Dear Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the 20th century called. It wants its failed, heavy-handed criminal justice policies back. In a throwback to President George W. Bush’s administration, Mr. Sessions is widely expected to formally order all federal prosecutors to impose ...

Mosby Court S.O.S.

The killing in cold blood of Virginia State Police Special Agent Michael T. Walter on Friday evening in Richmond’s Mosby Court public housing community should give us all pause.

Changes in meat, dairy industries?

Last Sunday, animal rights activists celebrated the end of the 146-year-old Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus after years of effectively exposing them for animal abuse. Can the meat and dairy industries be far behind?

Wanted: RPS leader who thinks outside the box

Re “Common concerns emerge in forum on superintendent search,” May 18-20 edition:

Crimes without punishment

Once again, a white police officer has killed a person of color with impunity.

Memorial Day

In memory

Slavery was a choice

Isaac Winston lived in the Greenwood section of Hanover County in the early part of the 18th century. After his parents died, he was willed a great deal of land and black people who were being forced to do slave ...

‘Afraid of the wolf in the closet’

It should not be surprising to decent, honest, thinking people what we hear in the news from the White House. We have a president who does not regard the truth, does not respect other people, does not know his business ...

Kudos to Bethune-Cookman grads

I could not be more proud of the students at Bethune-Cookman University than if I had raised them myself. Responding to the university’s very late selection of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos (hereafter referred to as DeVoid, as she ...

Voter suppression is the real culprit

After President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey because of, as the president admitted, the “Russian thing,” he struck a new blow to American democracy. The president created a commission on “election integrity,” stemming from his fantastical claims of voter ...

Get ready to vote

On Tuesday, June 13, Virginia voters will go to the polls to choose a candidate to run on the Democratic or Republican tickets for governor and lieutenant governor.

Grave equity

We praise Gov. Terry McAuliffe for righting a longstanding disparity in the state that had Virginia taxpayer dollars going to support the maintenance of Confederate gravesites, while those of African-Americans from that era are ignored. On Wednesday, Gov. McAuliffe signed ...

Let the questions begin

The nation moved one step closer to learning the truth about President Trump and his connections to the Russians with the appointment Wednesday of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special prosecutor in the unfolding investigation. Truth, the whole truth ...