Obama leadership still matters

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama did not go into seclusion and act like the rest of the world did not exist or impact them. They have made very important appearances on issues and on occasions that ...

From rally to power

Who would have thought that in less than 15 days, I would have to coordinate and manage 1,000 young black student leaders from more than 24 cities on 17 buses in the name of gun reform and safety? The reality ...

Our wish

Our Wish

Volunteers working hard to clear, maintain cemetery

Re “VCU center developing master plan for historic Evergreen Cemetery,” Free Press March 15-17 edition: We’re writing to offer a clarification to your article. Toward the end of the story about Evergreen Cemetery, the writer refers to “adjoining neglected and ...

The other Ms. Walker

Nine years ago, when she was just 26, Natalie Cofield was looking for a mentor. A young woman with entrepreneurship hard-wired into her spirit, Ms. Cofield was discouraged that people did not take her seriously and was disheartened that she ...

Razor thin Pa. victory underscores importance of voting

“Eight days after Bloody Sunday, President Lyndon Johnson spoke to a joint session of the Congress and made one of the most meaningful speeches any American president had made in modern time on the whole question of voting rights and ...

Richmond love?

School shootings. A mad bomber.

The greater good

We are disappointed that Mayor Levar M. Stoney’s proposed 2018-2020 budget holds no more additional funds to fix up the city’s dilapidated schools than the revenue expected from a meals tax increase.

March for Our Lives

Two more people were hurt this week in the latest school shooting, this time at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, Md.

A city cigarette tax would help fund school maintenance

Let’s be honest. Richmond needs a cigarette tax.

Honoring a new generation of leadership

All too often, our “history” month turns into a tribute to the past. And while the past is an important place to lift up, it is, indeed, a tributary, a stream that flows into the larger stream of an unbounded ...

Trump’s budget would hurt us

If you want to know how a president feels about your community, then all you need to do is look at his or her budget because it reflects their values — both what they value and what they don’t.

March madness

A hearty congratulations to the John Marshall High School and Varina High School boys’ basketball state championship teams!

Keep the pressure on

We are encouraged and inspired by the activism of students in Metro Richmond and across the nation who staged school walkouts on Wednesday to remember the victims of the Valentine’s Day school massacre in Parkland, Fla., and to push federal ...

Leadership on school modernization ‘requires hard decisions’

Re “Put Schools First offers $650M plan to modernize city schools,” Free Press March 1-3 edition: The Paul Goldman plan to modernize our schools rightfully recognizes that we spend a disproportionate share of the taxpayers’ dollars on big salaries for ...