We supported Mayor Levar M. Stoney’s call for the resignation of former Richmond Police Chief Will Smith.

I stand with the ‘looters and lowlifes’ by Julianne Malveaux

According to the Washington Post, the 45th president told 19,126 lies between his inauguration in January 2017 and June 1, 2020. By now, the number has likely edged toward 20,000, as his Tulsa “rally” last Saturday yielded dozens more.

Even for conservatives, no denying reality by Rev. Dean Nelson

Too many white people on the right and left only want to listen to Black people who agree with them on everything.

Put Confederate monuments in their place

Flying or displaying a Confederate flag outside of a museum is a tacit acceptance of the evil that it represents — slavery, Jim Crow, bigotry, racism, and death, not to mention treason.

Reminder of new laws taking effect July 1 or later

The General Assembly passed hundreds of new laws earlier this year, most of which will go into effect on July 1.

‘Cut losses and ties’ with Washington team

Re: “Washington NFL team to skip training in Richmond,” Free Press June 18-20 edition:

Field Day for ham radio operators

On June 27 and 28, thou- sands will be involved in the American Radio Relay League Field Day.

New leadership

Richmond has a new police chief.

A new spirit

Happy Juneteenth!

Continuous traumatic stress disorder by Taikein M. Cooper

Mental health practitioners define post traumatic stress dis- order, or PTSD, as a traumatic event that causes strain for an indefinite amount of time.

Now’s the time for police reform, by Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

As the worldwide demonstrations continue three weeks after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis policeman, the question is whether o

‘Wake up, everybody’

Most of us know the song recorded by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes from the 1970s, with the lyrics, “Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed. No more backward thinking, time for thinking ahead.”

Know your rights and legal consequences

A criminal conviction will have significant and life-altering consequences. A simple misdemeanor criminal conviction for an offense such as a curfew violation, disorderly conduct or other offenses can prevent or hamper future employment, access to public housing and eligibility for ...

Fort Pickett needs new name

I read about some people suggesting changing the names of Army and other military camps because the names they bear honor members of the Confederacy.

Why Lee statue should remain

I am aghast at the performance of Gov. Ralph S. Northam. He has ordered the removal of and permitted the desecration of the statue of Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue by a rowdy mob of anarchists.