Think about bus operators on Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Do you know what Wednesday, March 18, is? National Bus Driver Appreciation Day. It is also known as Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

Super Tuesday redux

Lessons learned from Super Tuesday, the Democratic presidential primary contest held this week in Virginia and 13 other states and American Samoa, which was won overwhelmingly by former Vice President Joe Biden:

Election security is paramount by Marc H. Morial

“Since at least 2014, known and unknown individuals, operating as part of a broader Russian effort known as ‘Project Lakhta,’ have engaged in political and electoral interference operations targeting populations within the Russian Federation and in various other countries, including, ...

Be counted in 2020 Census by Gaylene Kanoyton

Conversations about the importance of respecting human dignity often are centered around individual worth and the intrinsic value we each have as contribu- tors, in ways small and large, to the world around us.

Accountability needed over owner of historic African American cemeteries

I’m not from Richmond, but I have kin in the ground at East End Cemetery, which is adjacent to Evergreen Cemetery. Henry Tunstall, instant son of my grandfather's sister, was buried there in 1913.

Homage to Dr. Seuss and education

March 2 was the 116th birthday of the beloved author, Theodor Seuss Geisel, or Dr. Seuss.

Raising a fist for the ERA

Re: “Questions, lawsuit arise as Va. ratifies ERA,” Free Press Jan. 30-Feb. 1 edition:

Super Tuesday

We urge our readers to turn out to vote on Tuesday, March 3.

Housing programs jeopardized in Trump budget by Charlene Crowell

Once again, the White House budget proposal slashes funding and programs that many low- and moderate-income consumers rely upon.

#ReclaimingYourVote by Marc H. Morial

“Voter suppression isn’t guns and hoses and bully clubs and Bull Connor. It’s administrative burdens that interfere with your right to vote. In the South, they try to stop you from getting on the rolls ... and to stay on ...

Thanks to City Council for voting down the Coliseum plan

Re “Begin again: City Council majority strikes $1.5B Coliseum and Downtown development project, urging the administration to start over with public inclusion,” Free Press Feb. 13-15 edition:

‘Confederate monuments speak truth to power’

Re “Confederate statues in State Capitol remain unaddressed,” Free Press Feb. 13-15 edition:

Let the people decide

Since the dawn of this republic, African-Americans have been in a constant struggle to become fully vested in our right to vote. From being counted as three-fifths of a human being; to literacy tests; to poll taxes; to the fight ...

Cathy's Camp

The Bible tells us, “The poor will always be with you.” But Richmond has got to find a better way to help people in need. Latest case in point: The people living in the Cathy’s Camp tent city.

Election Day holiday

We are bolstered by the recent passage of bills in the House of Delegates and state Senate to eliminate the shameful and insulting Lee-Jackson Day and replace it with a state holiday on Election Day in November.