Vote on Nov. 6

Last night, I finished reading “The Blood of Emmett Till” by Timothy B. Tyson. The 14-year-old was killed in 1955 because of who he was and where he was. On Saturday, it happened again in a Pittsburgh synagogue. Eleven Jewish ...

Kudos to Free Press, community volunteers

I would like to thank the Richmond Free Press profusely for its photos and story recognizing the actions of two generous individuals in our community who helped remedy a dangerous situation at George Washington Carver Elementary School.

Republican Party ‘has embraced racist policies’

In his letter to the Free Press, James Quash, former Portsmouth GOP chairman, labels the Democratic Party as racist with his erroneous arguments while trolling for votes for Republicans.

‘Traitors to logic’

While some may intentionally disregard logic in making claims that the Civil War was not precipitated on the desire to maintain enslavement and subjugation of people of color, whom were referred to as the inferior race, the truth is there ...

Richmond, segregation and paternalistic white supremacy

Segregation is no stranger to Richmond. Intentional measures to provoke racial animosity have been in place in Virginia since the early days of American settlement. Such measures include racial slavery, slave codes, racial terrorism, “racial purity” laws, Jim Crow laws,

Kamras and the tipping point

There’s a tipping point for everything, where the small actions of a few propel the idea of urgent change to mass acceptance.

Don’t be intimidated

Thought for the week: If your vote is not important or doesn’t mean anything, then why are so many attempts made nationally to keep people of color from voting?

Fear, falsehoods and fake ‘invasion’

As midterm elections approach, which frightens you most: Fear of Latin American refugees marching in a “caravan” toward our southern border? Or loss of your medical coverage for pre-existing conditions?

School grading practices inaccurate, inequitable

The battle for equity in our schools is not only a fight to guarantee access to great teaching and high quality learning environments, programs and materials. The battle also includes the practices and policies that teachers use to describe students’ ...

Have we learned from ‘bitter lesson’ of not voting?

We must not ignore this election.

Democrats and racism

Democrats hide their racism by accusing their opponents of the same. This happens on two such issues as immigration and abortion.

No new taxes for RPS

If there was any correlation whatsoever relative to spending and academic performance, then Richmond Public Schools would be among the best school districts in the state.

President Lincoln was a traitor and other ‘truths’

In his letter to the editor, Dr. Ravi Perry accuses Confederate soldiers of being “by definition, traitors to the nation.” He is either ignorant of history or he is a “Court Historian” willfully indoctrinating his credulous students with what Voltaire ...

Give Monroe Park back to the community

Although the Richmond Planning Commission refused to allow the Monroe Park Conservancy to place an illuminated Dominion Energy sign inside Monroe Park, a landmark which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the conservancy has named certain parts ...

Virginia needs early voting

In North Carolina on Wednesday, Oct. 17, individuals began voting in the November midterm election. It is called early voting — not absentee voting.