Insisting on transparency and accountability ‘is no red herring’

Re Editorial “Red Herring,” Free Press Sept. 10-12 edition:

Attempt to dampen Lt. Gov. Fairfax’s campaign announcement ‘disappointing’

Lt. Gov. Justin E. Fairfax launched his gubernatorial campaign this past weekend to enthusi- astic crowds at the Fairfax County Courthouse and at Fort Monroe in Hampton.

Red herring

We were surprised by Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Colette W. McEachin asking the Richmond Circuit Court to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate whether Mayor Levar M. Stoney violated any laws in handling the removal of the city- owned Confederate statues.

Honoring the children and the new school year

This week, we honor the children, families, teachers, counselors, administrators, bus drivers, food preparers and distributors and so many others who are giving their all to make the new school year successful.

Cops who hate, by Oscar H. Blayton

America can no longer stick its head in the sand to avoid seeing the serious flaws in the culture of American policing.

If you hear it enough…, by Dr. E. Faye Williams

Growing up in Louisiana, I was exposed to men and women who used animals to work their land and/or as a food source to sustain their families. It was fascinating that most of these men and women could gather their ...

Please, only vote once; twice in the same election is a crime

I should not have to write this, but as an attorney I feel an obligation to inform those of your readers who might be taking the suggestions of President Trump seriously.

Schools, the pandemic and Biden-Harris’ vision for the future

As a teacher in Accomack County on the Eastern Shore, my colleagues and I would normally be spending this time greeting new classes of students at the door and helping each make the adjustment to new routines and a brand ...

Wakanda forever!

Re “Chadwick Boseman, who brought icons to life on the silver screen, dies at 43,” Free Press Sept. 3-5 edition:

Will statue removal be remedy for gender myopia?

I recently completed a book about high school hockey. Because of budget cuts, there were several departments that were defunded, one being the female hockey league.

Honoring all workers...

Honoring all workers...

Athletes standing up for justice, by Jesse L. Jackson Sr.

The greatest athletes in America are standing up for justice at a critical time.

With COVID-19, we are on our own, by Glenn Ellis

As of now, there is no clear proof that the antibodies that develop after being infected with COVID-19 offer any protection from future infections.

On Labor Day, let’s work to elect champions for the working class

This year, Labor Day comes just 57 days away from what could be the most historically important election for Virginia’s working people.

Democracy vs. authoritarianism

Re “Trump uses Black people to defend him at RNC,” Free Press Aug. 27-29 edition: