Carver Elementary’s ‘enemies are internal’

Re Letter to the editor, “Carver Elementary’s success became ‘a target on its back,’ ” Free Press Aug. 9-11 edition: Like many others, I could not have been more disappointed in the behavior of teachers and administrators over the Standards ...

Homeless services should be under one roof

According to state statistics, there were 1,394 homeless students in Richmond Public Schools in 2016-17. Chesterfield County and Henrico County had 715 and 986 homeless students, respectively.

Finding the moral center

The media is now reporting on the debate among Democrats and activists about what the party should stand for and how it will win elections.

No dignity in pastors’ meeting with Trump

“Many of us have been indicted, arrested and our homes bombed, but when we stand before the Negro population at prayer meetings, we can repeat that it is an honor to face jail for a just cause.”

You smell that?

The African-American community has long lived with the trauma of police harassment and abuse. Civil rights leaders and lawyers have pushed back for decades to end these deplorable, and many times, unconstitutional, practices.

Carver Elementary’s success became ‘a target on its back’

I left the Richmond Public Schools’ community meeting last week about the Carver Elementary School scandal conflicted about the entire situation. It was hard for me, as it was for many parents, to believe what we were hearing.

High school civics lesson results in boycott request

I teach government and U.S. history at a private, all-boys high school in Baltimore. And recently, my students and I were discussing the heightened climate of hate and racism in this country.

Sisters need fair share

“The average black woman in the United States has to work all of 2017 until August 7 of 2018 to make what the average white man makes in 2017 alone. To say this is a problem is kind of the ...

Shine the light of racial reconciliation

A light shines in Prince Edward County atop the courthouse where a decision was made 59 years ago to shut down public schools rather than integrate. Classrooms were locked for five years in Massive Resistance to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ...

Mr. Ashe

There’s no question that Richmond native and tennis great Arthur Ashe Jr. deserves greater recognition in his hometown. His laudatory actions both on and off the court merit a salute that will be visible not only now, but for future ...

Summer heat and wellness checks

We were a bit amused at first when a story hit our inbox recently with the title, “How to Build a DIY Air Conditioner in Minutes for Less Than $10.” The article and accompanying video showed how to turn a ...

Use tax dollars for ‘a just cause, not to aid in injustice’

Re “Evicted,” Free Press April 12-14 edition The many evil aspects of having to be tenants of greedy landlords come out daily. The Free Press article showed the extent to which landlords are willing to go to make life a ...

Trump, Putin and national press

It is very revealing and often disgusting to witness the national press coverage of the “bromance” between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Disguises unnecessary

With all the recent intolerance and incivility nowadays, has anyone even noticed that disguises are unnecessary?

Sister power making a difference

I cannot count the times I have heard that black women don’t support each other. ... Black women know that all anybody has to do is tell us what we can’t do and the game is on!