‘There is no space for complacency’

Re “Virginia elects Democrats to top posts, other offices” and “House of Delegates to become more diverse,” Free Press Nov. 9-11 edition:

End NAFTA; don’t renegotiate it

To his credit, President Trump pulled the United States of America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would have diminished our sovereignty. However, he is now misguided about the North American Free Trade Agreement. Instead of getting out of it, ...

‘We voted for you, now we want to see results’

I would like to know when the Virginia Democratic Party will officially thank African-American women for the party’s win in the Nov. 7 election.

Actor bridges divides

Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali’s journey has been one of bridging divides. Between the crime and poverty of 1970s and 1980s Oakland, where he lived with his mother and stepfather, and the musical theater scene of Manhattan, where he spent ...

Obama-Trump: Great contrast

President Trump defines his administration as against all things Obama. Beneath his insults, outrages, lies and antics is a remarkably consistent attempt to undo his predecessor’s entire legacy. With Republicans in total control of the White House and Congress, President ...

Real results

We were heartened by the turnout and support Richmond voters gave last week to the schools referendum. The initiative, which calls for fully funding improvements to Richmond Public Schools aging and decrepit buildings, now goes to the Virginia General Assembly.

Police accountability

We applaud the latest efforts by a coalition of justice groups to push for creation of a police citizen review panel in Richmond.

Public pressure needed to address upgrades for school buildings

I’m thoroughly disappointed that Richmond School Board action to address the emergency needs of schools facilities has stalled.

National Slave Memorial may help ‘contextualize’ Confederate statues

The push to dismantle Confederate statues became a simmering crucible in the Virginia gubernatorial race. This is no surprise as the state had an outsized role in the Civil War and the subsequent century-long American apartheid from 1865 to the ...

Fannie Lou Hamer remembered

“You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and do something, God is not going to put it in your lap.” – Fannie Lou Hamer

Souls2enroll: Black church and the ACA

For all of this administration’s efforts to kill — as in “repeal and replace” — the Affordable Care Act, it is still the law of the land, and still available — and required.

Local elections

We congratulate Sheriff-elect Antionette V. Irving, Treasurer-elect Nichole Richardson Armstead, Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael N. Herring and new 3rd District School Board member Kenya Gibson who won Tuesday’s local elections. Dr. Irving, Ms. Armstead and Ms. Gibson each ran admirable campaigns, ...

Yes, Virginia, we did it!

Virginians are celebrating today, and we are, too. The reason for our joy?

Say nothing if you don’t vote

The election for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and other positions is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Our community — the African-American community — must vote in Obama-type and Wilder-type election numbers. We must show up and show out.

Write-in candidate for sheriff

Our antiquated judicial system, with its concept of “lock ’em up and throw away the key,” has improved greatly in some parts of our nation. Richmond can be credited with innovative and enhanced programs benefiting inmates confined in detention.