Disasters happen; preparation is key

We hope that Hurricane Florence will come and go quickly, and that damage to people and property will be minimal despite the National Weather Service’s predictions of a likely wallop by wind, rain and flooding.

An exceptional opportunity

We extend our hopes for a good year to the more than 153,000 students attending public schools in Metro Richmond, as well as to the parents and guardians who support them day in and day out.

Bad seed, bad fruit

We hope that Tuesday’s courtroom dramas in New York and Northern Virginia opened the eyes of those who blindly back President Trump and will push Republicans in Congress out of their tacit support for a fascist who is destroying our ...

White supremacists and the American way

Neo-Confederates returned to Richmond last Sunday to once again show their support for keeping the statues of their slave-owning, inhumane traitorous leaders on Monument Avenue.

You smell that?

The African-American community has long lived with the trauma of police harassment and abuse. Civil rights leaders and lawyers have pushed back for decades to end these deplorable, and many times, unconstitutional, practices.

Mr. Ashe

There’s no question that Richmond native and tennis great Arthur Ashe Jr. deserves greater recognition in his hometown. His laudatory actions both on and off the court merit a salute that will be visible not only now, but for future ...

Summer heat and wellness checks

We were a bit amused at first when a story hit our inbox recently with the title, “How to Build a DIY Air Conditioner in Minutes for Less Than $10.” The article and accompanying video showed how to turn a ...

No game

Where is LeBron James when we need him? This week, while Mr. James was in Ohio announcing the opening of his new, multimillion-dollar I PROMISE School in conjunction with the Akron Public Schools, Richmond Public Schools officials were busy dissecting ...

The poll that counts

When it comes to political races, don’t believe the polls.

Seeing the light

Kudos to Cora Hayes, the longtime public housing activist, who was instrumental in bringing a class action suit against the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority for overcharging public housing residents for electricity for more than four years.

The enemy within

If anyone still believes President Trump isn’t a pawn of Russian government interests, they must have been asleep during Monday’s televised news conference that nearly set the United States on fire.


Hanky-heads. Accommodationists. Those are the best words to describe the Monument Avenue Commission and their weak-kneed recommendations that will do little to move Richmond beyond the continuing grasp of Confederate sympathizers.

Supreme fight

We hope the American people will not be snookered by President Trump’s pick for the U.S. Supreme Court.

What to people of color is the Fourth of July?

Events of the past year recall the words and sentiment of Frederick Douglass, the noted abolitionist and editor, in his famed July Fourth address.

Opportunity time

Looking around the city, the signs of change and growth are visible. Bulldozers and cranes are visible throughout Downtown. Construction equipment abounds in the East End. And work is happening in South Side and Scott’s Addition and planned for Jackson ...