The club is closing

Note to the ol’ boys: The club is closing. We’re talking about the club whose members are being outed daily for their reprehensible behavior of sexually harassing and assaulting women.

Impeach Trump

We applaud the chutzpah of Rep. Al Green, a Texas Democrat and member of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Why vote? Here’s why

What difference will my vote make? We’ve heard that question plenty of times.

No cakewalk

We are impressed by the résumé and remarks of Jason Kamras, the 43-year-old Washington public schools administrator and 2005 National Teacher of the Year who received the unanimous backing of the Richmond School Board to become Richmond’s next public schools ...

Real results

We were heartened by the turnout and support Richmond voters gave last week to the schools referendum. The initiative, which calls for fully funding improvements to Richmond Public Schools aging and decrepit buildings, now goes to the Virginia General Assembly.

Police accountability

We applaud the latest efforts by a coalition of justice groups to push for creation of a police citizen review panel in Richmond.

Local elections

We congratulate Sheriff-elect Antionette V. Irving, Treasurer-elect Nichole Richardson Armstead, Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael N. Herring and new 3rd District School Board member Kenya Gibson who won Tuesday’s local elections. Dr. Irving, Ms. Armstead and Ms. Gibson each ran admirable campaigns, ...

Yes, Virginia, we did it!

Virginians are celebrating today, and we are, too. The reason for our joy?

Teachable moment

We have seen segments of the foul video posted to social media showing white football team members from Henrico County’s Short Pump Middle School in the locker room simulating sex acts on black members of the team while making racist ...

Good luck

We congratulate the School Board on its selection of Cheryl L. Burke to succeed Nadine Marsh-Carter as the 7th District representative.

Yes on Proposition A

For decades, as our school buildings have grown older and begun to decay, we, the people, have had little say in whether city leaders should completely renovate them or replace them with modern structures. Unlike the counties, which must get ...

53 and counting

Lifelong friends with unbreakable links shot to death in gunfire that leaves people scrambling and screaming for help. Cell phones click to record the chaos unfolding in the dark. Family members and others react in stunned disbelief when hearing the ...

Stop the violence

Blacksburg, Va. Newtown, Conn. Aurora, Colo. Charleston, S.C. San Bernardino, Calif. Orlando, Fla.

Ban open carry

That was our reaction last Saturday after the neo-Confederate rally on Monument Avenue came to a close without the tumult, fury, bloodshed and death that marked August events in Charlottesville.

Lock them up

Just when we thought things were quieting down after Charlottesville, another right wing group of out-of-towners is planning to stir things up in Richmond.