400 years

We pay tribute here to the “20 And odd Negroes” who, 400 years ago in late August 1619, ended up on Virginia’s shores at Point Comfort in what is now Hampton.

A clearer vision needed

We are not convinced of the need or the benefits of the costly plan to replace the Richmond Coliseum and divert millions of tax dollars that ordinarily would go to the city’s general fund to pay for the project.

Nearly 1,000 good reasons

Some people claim there is no reason to enact tougher gun laws in the United States. We wholeheartedly disagree.


Kudos to former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the fearless and energetic Democrat who led the charge to expand Medicaid in Virginia.


Education is wealth.

And wise...

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus wisely offered alternative events Tuesday in Richmond remembering the Africans who were brought to Virginia 400 years ago in 1619.

Bell the cat

It was clear from the first 60 minutes of testimony by former special counsel Robert S. Mueller on Wednesday morning before the House Judiciary Committee that he was not going to give the Democrats what they were seeking: A dramatic ...

Hunger games

Nearly every week we get a new indicator of the cruelty of the current White House administration and its lopsided favoritism for the nation’s greedy corporate and individual 1 percenters at the expense of the 99 percent of us at ...

Protecting the real America

President Trump is a racist. Period.

Enough is enough from the GOP

Insulting. That’s the treatment Republican lawmakers dished out to all Virginians on Tuesday when they shut down a special General Assembly on gun violence and public safety without any discussion, debate or action.

Equal pay

We congratulate 15-year-old tennis phenom Coco Gauff for her terrific performance at Wimbledon and the members of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team who brought home the FIFA World Cup this week.

A Fourth of July travesty

President Trump’s ego-driven, militaristic Fourth of July display has come with a big price tag.

Independence and freedom

As we celebrate the Fourth of July and America’s birth through its declaring independence from the British 243 years ago, we are reminded about the lessons of freedom and the centuries-long efforts by black people in this nation to secure ...

Honoring Ashe’s legacy

We are still basking in the gloriousness of the Arthur Ashe Boulevard street renaming ceremony and events last Saturday at the Virginia Museum of History & Culture.

Arthur Ashe Jr.

Arthur Ashe Jr.