Letters to the Editor

What goes around, comes around

Demographically, white folks comprise about 16 percent of the global population. Can you imagine their sum-total consternation if the other 84 percent, mostly folks of color, suddenly took up the chant, “Go back to where you came from”?

History class with Trump

As George Washington climbed aboard Air Force One to fly to Europe, Capt. Paul Revere started the engines. As Capt. Revere took off he yelled, “The Americans are coming! Beware!” A Donald Trump history class is so enlightening.

Engagement needed, not whitewash

Unfortunately, holding closed-door meetings will not accomplish what he seeks. Gov. Northam still has serious questions to answer.

‘We must do better’

I had three, young African-American men murdered in my district just in the week leading up to the Fourth of July holiday.

Use the right name for newly renamed boulevard

Re ‘A true champion’: Thousands celebrate dedication of Arthur Ashe Boulevard, Free Press June 27-29 edition: His name is Arthur Ashe Jr. His father’s name is Arthur Ashe.

8th District residents matter

For far too long, the voices of Richmond’s 8th District residents have been ignored.

Why won't Fairfax’s accusers talk with police?

For months now, Lt. Gov. Justin E. Fairfax has asked that police open investigations into allegations that he sexually assaulted two women – one 15 years ago and the other 20 years ago.

Gov. Northam’s agenda will ‘disarm honest, law-abiding populace’

Re “ ‘Votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers’: Gov. Northam calls for special General Assembly session to deal with gun violence,” Free Press June 6-8 edition: Gov. Ralph S. Northam, in an attempt to divert the public’s attention from ...

‘We already have reparations’

Re “Lawmakers hear the case for reparations,” Free Press June 20-22 edition: There are no block grant monies that have or will be solely targeted to the African-American community in an attempt to make amends for the wrong the government ...

More on Ashe celebration

Re “Friends of Battery Park to celebrate Mr. Ashe,” Free Press June 13-15 edition: Thank you so much for publicizing the event we are planning in celebration of the naming of Arthur Ashe Boulevard on Saturday, June 22.

Making benches at GRTC bus stops an issue would get results

Re Letters to the editor, “All GRTC bus stops need benches,” Free Press, June 6-8 edition: Ernest Parker Jr. is absolutely right that every GRTC bus stop should have a bench. Stops should have a shelter as well. Human dignity ...

Make GRTC bus stops graffiti-free

The letter writer of “All GRTC bus stops need benches” has a great point!

President Trump is no aberration

The American news media is deceiving the world when it consistently describes No. 45 as an aberration in the history of the United States presidency. Equally deceiving is its describing and romanticizing the American voting public as some kind of ...

All GRTC bus stops need benches

Re “GRTC ridership up 17%” Free Press May 23-25 edition: It’s all well and fine that GRTC ridership is up 17 percent. But I noticed that many of the bus stops have nowhere for the riders to sit while waiting ...

Slavery, history and distortions

Re Column, “Distortions of our history,” Free Press May 30-June 1 edition: In her column, Julianne Malveaux herself distorts the history of slavery when she said: “Let’s make it plain: Europeans went to the African continents (sic), kidnapped people (sometimes ...