Letters to the Editor

Trump creating turmoil

The person that we, the American people, are supposed to trust and call president is putting the United States in turmoil. President Trump has been given too much power and his supporters think that anything that comes out of his ...

World with Ivanka riding shotgun

Now we all know Ivanka Trump is riding shotgun on President Trump’s stagecoach ride through history. She is now the point person to scout out first the slings and arrows of what President Trump wants to get done on the ...

Reviving our representative democracy

American democracy is built on the powerful, but basic, idea that the government is supposed to represent the people.

Do Richmond schools violate the Constitution?

Are Richmond Public Schools students being forced to attend educational facilities deemed unconstitutional under the U.S. Constitution?

Our worst enemies are in Washington, D.C.

Re “Essex Village flunks HUD inspection,” April 13-15 edition: Section 8 rental housing is a prime example of what is wrong with our federal government “helping us.”

What God wants

I believe God gives people the mental and physical ability to make money. The way people use this money is very important to God.

Why I met with Jeff Sessions

Re “April fools: Va. SCLC lauds racist U.S. attorney general for civil rights work on anniversary of Dr. King’s death” and editorial, “Buffoonery,” April 6-8:

A judge’s opinion

Judge Andre M. Davis of Baltimore, a senior judge with the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, wrote the following powerful words on April 7, 2017, as he joined in dismissing an injunction barring the Gloucester County School Board in ...

Media must keep environmental issues on front burner

The environmental progress achieved by the Obama administration is being dismantled piece by piece due to the Republican majority in both chambers of Congress. Although these policies are being covered by some news organizations, they quickly are being placed on ...

A tale of 2 Tot Lots

A few months ago, I joined a friend at the Thomas Jefferson Tot Lot. My children and I had a great time enjoying this facility where everything was clean and in good repair and there were lots of toys to ...

Kudos to VUU Lady Panthers

Re “VUU women return home to cheers despite loss in NCAA final,” March 30-April 1 edition: Congratulations to the Virginia Union University women’s basketball team and coaches for a fine season.

‘Don’t forget your feet’

More than 29 million Americans have diabetes, according to the latest estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and there’s a pretty good chance either you or someone you know belongs to the 12 percent of people in ...

Training needed on both sides

Re “Unequal punishment: Rep. McEachin requests federal investigation into high suspension rates for African-American students and those with disabilities,” March 30-April 1 edition: The situation of greater punishment statistics for minorities, in particular minorities with special needs, sounds like only ...

Year-round April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ Day can remind us that the meat, egg and dairy industries have been playing us for fools year-round. Their more remarkable hoaxes include “California’s happy cows,” “free-range chickens” and “humane slaughter.” All are cruel lies.

Does Trump really want to hire Americans?

The H-2A visa guest worker program enables employers who anticipate a shortage of seasonal labor services to request to bring in foreign workers to do the labor. Trump Vineyard estates property in Charlottesville is requesting these work visas to hire ...