Letters to the Editor

RRHA ‘missed a golden opportunity’ to help people become homeowners

Re “Prospect of home ownership escapes 70-year-old Randolph resident,” Free Press June 29-July 1 edition: I was appalled reading the Free Press front page story about Charlene Harris, the 70-year-old Randolph resident. Is the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s management ...

Ashe played tennis at Brookfield Park, not Battery Park

Re: “Ashe mural to be unveiled at Battery Park on July 12,” Free Press July 6-8 edition: I had started writing a letter about the myth of Arthur Ashe playing tennis in Battery Park when I saw the letter to ...

Praise for Girls for a Change

My parents raised me to be active, awake and an advocate for my community and the LGBTQ communities. After attending a recent event at the Bell Tower in Capitol Square, I knew I had a responsibility to use my voice ...

‘The racism of yesterday creates the realities of today’

Re “Tear those statues down,” Free Press June 29-July1 edition:

‘When is enough going to be enough?’

Re “What really happened? New details change initial police report of Mosby Court events surrounding special agent’s death,” June 8-10 edition:

Inspired by Dream Academy graduation

I really enjoyed attending the fifth commencement exercise for Dream Academy adult high school in Richmond. To hear the history of this school and how it got started, how far it has come, to where it is now, was just ...

City facing crisis with violence

We are in a crisis!

Perpetuating Ashe myth

Re “Battery Park art project on tennis great Arthur Ashe to educate, elevate,” June 8-10 edition: The City of Richmond continues to perpetuate the myth that the late tennis star Arthur Ashe learned to play tennis at Battery Park.

Politicians put magicians to shame

Our politicians are brilliant. They have been to the best law schools to make them that way. They have enough political tricks up their sleeves to put the world’s greatest magicians to shame.

Hurricanes: Plan for worst, hope for best

I was born in New Orleans in 1949 and moved to Arabi, La., in 1960. During my lifetime, I have experienced every hurricane and tropical storm that ever hit the New Orleans region.

Kudos to governor, mayor on dedication to climate issues

I am glad to see Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Richmond Mayor Levar M. Stoney doing their part to ensure that people are provided with clean energy, a clean environment and green jobs that will boost the economy.

Who is President Trump eager to please?

There is much one could say or write about President Trump, and not a lot of it would be good.

Paradox of selling water cheaply to Chesterfield

Re: “Mayor seeks to lease part of park to Chesterfield for county drinking water,” June 1-3 edition: Richmond Free Press staff writer Jeremy Lazarus deserves an award for his investigative reporting on the city’s plan to allow Chesterfield to build ...

House candidate would seek ‘substance not symbols’

I support attorney Alex Mejias for the 70th District seat in the House of Delegates.

Candidate wants to dismantle ‘cradle-to-prison pipeline’

I was raised in Church Hill and am a 1965 graduate of Richmond’s Armstrong High School. My late parents, Helen and David Temple Sr., instilled in me the values of Christian faith and a deep commitment to public service. My ...