Letters to the Editor

Carver Elementary’s success became ‘a target on its back’

I left the Richmond Public Schools’ community meeting last week about the Carver Elementary School scandal conflicted about the entire situation. It was hard for me, as it was for many parents, to believe what we were hearing.

High school civics lesson results in boycott request

I teach government and U.S. history at a private, all-boys high school in Baltimore. And recently, my students and I were discussing the heightened climate of hate and racism in this country.

Use tax dollars for ‘a just cause, not to aid in injustice’

Re “Evicted,” Free Press April 12-14 edition The many evil aspects of having to be tenants of greedy landlords come out daily. The Free Press article showed the extent to which landlords are willing to go to make life a ...

Trump, Putin and national press

It is very revealing and often disgusting to witness the national press coverage of the “bromance” between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Disguises unnecessary

With all the recent intolerance and incivility nowadays, has anyone even noticed that disguises are unnecessary?

‘America has never been immune to fascism’

To be sure, the increasing use of the “browning” of America slogan by commentators and its juxtaposition to “Taking Back America” is not an aberration.

Trump and chaos

In trying to understand President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy on immigration, one has to know the president’s background for his past 72 years.

‘T for treason’

It is very clear that 45 is not capable to lead this country. Every time he opens his mouth or tweets, he speaks or writes foolish things that are no longer believable. What we have is shame and embarrassment for ...

Treasonous president?

Many of us in America suspect the reason President Trump meets by himself with autocrats like North Korean leader Kim Jung-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin is because he is being controlled.

Another road hazard

Re “Personality: Ron J. Melancon, Spotlight on founder of Dangerous Trailers, a safety advocacy organization,” Free Press July 12-14 edition: That was a nice article on Ron Melancon.

Thank you to people who serve and help others

Thanks to the doctors, nurses, first responders and volunteers and who serve mankind.

Marijuana laws, money making and double standards

America, the legalization of marijuana is not the answer.

Low-income and working people left out with Pulse

GRTC needs to help working people and old people, particularly those who don’t have anyone to help them get back and forth to the store to get food.

No rejoicing in ‘Lost Cause’

Re “Davis must go: Commission recommends removing Confederate president’s statue, but not others,” Free Press July 5-7 edition:

‘More important things to be concerned with’

History is very important. It shows the road that we, as a people, have traveled. It has not been easy. However, we have made advances.