Letters to the Editor

Volunteers working hard to clear, maintain cemetery

Re “VCU center developing master plan for historic Evergreen Cemetery,” Free Press March 15-17 edition: We’re writing to offer a clarification to your article. Toward the end of the story about Evergreen Cemetery, the writer refers to “adjoining neglected and ...

Leadership on school modernization ‘requires hard decisions’

Re “Put Schools First offers $650M plan to modernize city schools,” Free Press March 1-3 edition: The Paul Goldman plan to modernize our schools rightfully recognizes that we spend a disproportionate share of the taxpayers’ dollars on big salaries for ...

Vote on Medicaid expansion will tell if black lives matter

The decision to expand Medicaid in Virginia should be a no-brainer: Accept federal dollars already allocated to the state and give affordable health care coverage to nearly 400,000 uninsured Virginians.

‘Never again’ to Washington NFL training camp expense

Re “Taxpayers on hook for $11.25M for NFL training camp,” Free Press Feb. 22-24 edition: For taxpayers to be on the hook for $11.25 million dollars for the Washington NFL team’s training camp is asinine. This type of taxpayer money ...

Similar themes in ‘Black Panther’ and Haitian documentary

Re “ ‘Black Panther’ pounces on box office,’ Free Press Feb. 22-24 edition: My family and I enjoyed the documentary “1804: The Hidden History of Haiti” hosted by the Elegba Folklore Society on Feb. 17. It was a great opportunity ...

Nothing positive will be done’

President Trump urges ban on gun devices?

Redesign schools for safety

Like many others, your article about the mass shooting in Florida, included the words “gun tragedies” and “inaction” in the same story. Lawmakers are pondering decisions of gun control, while the lives of people are truly being affected for life.

Issue pink slips to lawmakers who vote against gun laws

Now is the time to discuss gun control and how to stop these murders. We should continue to have these discussions until it is resolved. We can’t forget about this one in Florida and go on until the next one. ...

‘I pray that the students voices may be heard’

‘I pray that the students voices may be heard’ Re “Fla. school shooting survivors hoping to be catalyst for tougher gun laws,” Free Press Feb. 22-24 edition:

Unveil the camouflage to combat bullying

Bullying is plantational authoritarianism. Someone posted on social media an adolescent male sobbing because of bullying incidents. Bullies are not those actually committing the conflicts, but those who have the authority to resolve the discords and don’t — or won’t ...

Dr. Lucas’ record should have been scrutinized

Re “VUU president accused of fraud,” Free Press Feb. 1-3 edition: I am a Virginia Union University alumnus and your article is not only embarrassing, but again indicative of extremely negligent administrative oversight on the part of the VUU Board ...

Punxsutawney Phil needs to be retired

As time passes, traditions that are no longer in sync with enlightened attitudes must evolve. It’s time to retire Punxsutawney, Pa.,’s annual groundhog spectacle.

Confederate on Virginia Women’s Monument ‘will diminish’ it

Once again, the state of Virginia has allowed some to dishonor, or fail to acknowledge, the vast accomplishments and the very existence of a marginalized people or population as it proceeds toward the erection of another Confederate statue, that of ...

West End Dialysis Center responds

Re “ ‘I was handed a death sentence’: Advocates help NAACP stalwart Ora Lomax receive life-saving dialysis after a Henrico center moves to terminate her treatment,” Free Press Feb. 1-3 edition:

Richmond Continentals grateful to sponsors

Re “Holiday elegance” photo and caption, Free Press Jan. 4-6 edition: I would like to make a correction in your coverage of the Richmond Chapter of the Continentals Societies Inc.