Letters to the Editor

Former radio station owner ‘deserves better’

Re “FCC complaint filed over radio station change,” Free Press Jan. 4-6 edition:

‘The school system cannot budget morality’

During my 12 years of basic education under segregated schools, churches, communities and city, the focus was on academics and the “it takes a village to raise a child” concept.

Residents should ‘no longer passively accept any bogus’ utility taxes

Re “Tax law change to affect city utility customers,” Free Press Dec. 28-30 edition: Many thanks to Free Press staff writer Jeremy M. Lazarus for breaking the story that the new tax law change should reduce the federal income tax ...

Kudos to Free Press writer

Re “Questions, doubt about credibility of Rep. Robert C. Scott’s accuser,” Free Press Dec. 21-23 edition: Your article on Marsheri Reese Everson was on the money. Right now, most (national) journalists are afraid to question alleged “victims” in any way. ...

Taxpayers are being groped

Speaking of groping, why are our politicians continuing to allow powerful people in the corporate sector and elsewhere to obscenely grope our tax dollars?

Expression of thanks

The family of the late Rev. Curtis W. Harris sincerely appreciates the wealth of support we have received since the death of our beloved patriarch on Dec. 10. The visits, phone calls, tweets, Facebook expressions, food, flowers, cards and contributions ...

‘The civil rights struggle has not survived on fear nor superficiality’

Re Letter to the editor, “Absence from Mississippi museum dedication hurt us,” Free Press Dec. 14-16 edition: It is an unimaginable claim that Rep. John Lewis’ absence from the dedication of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum on Dec. 9 hurt ...

Kudos to The Comfort Movement

Re “Collecting comfort items for children separated from parents,” Free Press Nov. 22-25 edition: I saw the article posted recently about The Comfort Movement project led by the Free Press’ Cynthia Downing, who is collecting stuffed animals and donations to ...

Absence from Mississippi museum dedication hurt us

The opening last week of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum and the Museum of Mississippi History in Jackson, Miss., was not about President Trump. It was about a tribute to the initial starting blocks toward the struggle for identity, freedom ...

Preserving slave district is an ‘ethical imperative’

Re ‘Opponents fear Main Street Station plans will run over slave memorial,’ Free Press Nov. 30-Dec. 2 edition:

Why is Hampton leaving MEAC?

Re “HU exits MEAC for Big South Conference,” Free Press Nov. 22-25 edition:

Footprint of Main Street Station, planned slave memorial

Re “Opponents fear Main Street Station plans will run over slave memorial,” Free Press Nov. 30-Dec. 2 edition:

#MeToo and the dilemma of a black woman

The #MeToo movement illuminating instances of sexual harassment has caught the wave with many white women. The world is watching and we are all applauding them for their courage. But this got me to thinking: When will we hear from ...

‘Tiger Tom’ and ‘Bette’ Mitchell ‘now smiling and holding hands in heaven’

Re obituary for “Elizabeth ‘Bette’ Mitchell, widow of ‘Tiger Tom’ Mitchell,” Free Press Nov. 16-18 edition:

Schools referendum: ‘It’s not perfect’

Re editorial “Real results,” Free Press Nov. 16-18 edition: Your baffling editorial disparaging the massive Election Day support — 99 percent in the African-American community and 84.8 percent across the city — for the school modernization charter change referendum claimed ...