Faith News

Trump steadily fulfills goals on religious right’s wish list

When Donald Trump assumed the presidency, conservative religious leaders drew up “wish lists” of steps they hoped he’d take to oppose abortion and rein in the LGBTQ rights movement. With a flurry of recent actions, the Trump administration is winning ...

Sister Helen Prejean, activist nun, talks about getting Jesus 'right'

Sister Helen Prejean wants to get religion “right.”

Democratic hopefuls seek support from young black faith leaders

Three Democratic presidential hopefuls fielded questions from black church leaders last week, bouncing between politics and prayer as they vied for support from an audience of about 5,000 black millennials.

Churches mobilize to help families impacted by immigration raids

The children of Sacred Heart Catholic Church streamed out into Mississippi’s blistering heat last Sunday afternoon, carrying what they said was a message of opposition against immigration raids their parents could not.

Muslim initiative raises thousands to release detained migrant parents

Led by two of the country’s most prominent imams, hundreds of U.S. Muslims have raised more than $81,000 to bail out detained migrant parents.

Montgomery's churches part of city's 200-year history of slavery, civil rights

Connections between Christianity, Confederacy and civil rights — and the history of slavery — are in plain sight in Alabama’s capital.

Jamestown interpreter tells the story of 'Angela,' one of the first Africans in Virginia; her faith is a mystery

Wearing a yellow head wrap, gray skirt and soiled apron, a woman who says she is “called by the name of Angela” stood by the James River and told her story, one of faith and courage, darkness and hope.

Church merger leads to new roles for Rev. Whitehead, Dr. Cardwell

After 25 years at the helm of New Canaan International Church that he founded in Eastern Henrico County, minister and educator Dr. Owen C. Cardwell, 72, has passed the pastoral baton to a younger protégé, the Rev. Dwayne E. Whitehead.

Jury finds Katy Perry stole Christian rapper’s beat

A jury on Monday found that Katy Perry’s 2013 hit, “Dark Horse,” improperly copied a 2009 Christian rap song. The unanimous decision represented a rare takedown of a pop superstar and her elite producer by a relatively unknown artist.

City demands East End church pay delinquent taxes

Nearly 30 years ago, Mount Olivet Church went on a buying spree and acquired 12 properties adjacent to the church in the 1200 block of North 25th Street in the East End.

Roundtable this Saturday to keep faith communities safe

Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg of Henrico County is convening a roundtable of faith leaders to discuss how to keep places of worship and faith communities safe.

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church to host 11th Annual Jazz & Food Festival Aug. 3

St. Elizabeth Catholic Church is hosting its annual Jazz & Food Festival on Saturday, Aug. 3, in the park beside the Highland Park church, 2712 2nd Ave.

Families upset about late markers, poor service at Henrico cemetery

Adeline U. Clarke finally has the elaborate marker she paid to have installed at her parents’ graves in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Henrico County.

Baby Archie is christened

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the 2-month-old son of Britain’s Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, was christened last Saturday in a small, private ceremony at Windsor Castle.

A.M.E. Church installs Right Rev. Adam J. Richardson as senior bishop

The Right Rev. Adam Jefferson Richardson Jr. of Florida was installed as senior bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church during its annual Council of Bishops and General Board Meeting Worship Service on June 26 in Birmingham, Ala.