Faith News

COVID-19 changes funeral traditions

COVID-19 has taken thousands of lives and upended business as usual around the world during the past few months. Just as the pandemic is changing daily life for millions, it is rapidly changing how the living lay their loved ones ...

Churches change their sermon delivery, tithing methods for mandate guidelines

Churches across Richmond have undergone a substantial transformation in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic as state and national officials have forced them to adopt a new paradigm.

Starting as a pastor in the midst of a pandemic

“I never imagined I would start my ministry in the midst of a pandemic,” Dr. Joshua L. Mitchell said.

38-year-old scientist crosses into the realm of preserving historic African-American cemetery

Woodland Cemetery, the burial place of humanitarian and tennis great Arthur Ashe Jr. and thousands of other African-Americans, is looking spiffier, thanks to the dogged persistence of one man, John William Joseph Slavin.

Beyonce Mass draws crowd, criticism

The worship service began with the voice of Beyoncé singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” the Black National Anthem. Over the next hour, a choir-backed quintet of African-American women singers belted out other songs in the pop star’s repertoire. Beyoncé’s ...

Play about first African-American priest in U.S. highlights current issues

Actor Jim Coleman stood at the front of a dimly lit stage and recounted the joys and hardships of being a black man of Catholic faith.

Human Rights Campaign kicks off election focus on LGBTQ, religious relations

The Human Rights Campaign, which works to promote LGBTQ equality, has started an election season tour in which its president will visit houses of worship of different faiths to build relations between the religious and the gay communities.

Entire Bible translated into American Sign Language

When Howard Mallory first saw the Gospel of Matthew rendered in American Sign Language nearly 15 years ago, he said he was able to understand it more easily than when reading it in English.

Catholic Diocese of Richmond launches new victims compensation process

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond wants to ensure that people who were victims of sexual abuse by priests and deacons are compensated as part of its efforts “to assist in the healing.”

New Air Force rules allow turbans, hijabs and beards

Muslim and Sikh advocacy groups are welcoming new guidelines issued by the U.S. Air Force allowing personnel to request a waiver to wear religious apparel, including turbans and hijabs, and to have unshorn hair or beards for religious reasons.

Graham vows to continue UK tour despite controversy

The Rev. Franklin Graham said he will seek alternative venues for a United Kingdom tour this spring after all eight venues reneged on plans to host the evangelist, saying his views on homosexuality are incompatible with the values of the ...

New research reconsiders writings of enslaved Muslim scholar

He was from Senegal, wrote in Arabic and was enslaved. Or was he an Arab prince? He was a scholar who memorized vast passages of the Quran and mastered numerous Islamic texts. Or were his writings unintelligible? He was a ...

National religious leaders, scholars expected for symposium Feb. 19-21

Scholars from across the country are expected to attend a national symposium in Richmond exploring the politics of black religion through the legacy of Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, a civil rights icon, theologian and key aide to Dr. Martin Luther ...

Journalist Gwen Ifill remembered with new postage stamp launched at her Washington church

In the historic African-American church where she worshipped, late journalist Gwen Ifill was remembered with a new Black Heritage postage stamp in a ceremony featuring dignitaries of the church, politics and journalism.

Justice Clarence Thomas talks about his faith in new documentary

U.S. Supreme Court Jus- tice Clarence Thomas, who is known for his reticence, speaks for much of a new two-hour documentary about his life.