Faith News

Emancipation Proclamation Day event to feature Roslyn Brock as speaker

Richmond once again will celebrate one of the greatest days in American history — the emancipation of enslaved people.

UNCI to move Dec. 31 to new home at former Richmond Christian Center

The Richmond Christian Center will end the year as the new home of United Nations Church International. The founder and pastor, Bishop Orrin K. Pullings Sr., and his wife and co-pastor, Dr. Medina Pullings, will lead the 700-member UNCI congregation ...

Black family gets apology 40 years later from KKK member turned priest

A former Ku Klux Klan member who burned a cross on a black couple’s lawn 40 years ago, before becoming a Roman Catholic priest, has finally written his victims an apology.

Hanukkah continues through Dec. 20

Public menorah lightings for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah are planned around the world in locations ranging from ski towns and Caribbean islands to famous landmarks and sports arenas.

Pope names new bishop of Catholic Diocese of Richmond

Bishop Barry C. Knestout has been named the next bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond. He succeeds Bishop Francis Xavier DiLorenzo, who died on Aug. 17.

Gay wedding cake meets faith at U.S. Supreme Court

What if an atheist baker refused to bake a cake for a First Communion? What if a college with a religious affiliation didn’t want to rent out its chapel to a gay couple? What if a makeup artist didn’t want ...

Judge approves RCC sale to UNCI

As anticipated, the Richmond-based United Nations Church International has been approved to purchase the 5-acre Richmond Christian Center property in South Side

Priest aids in Mugabe relinquishing power

Zimbabwe’s former President Robert Mugabe knew it was “the end of the road” days before he quit, and appeared relieved when he signed his resignation letter after 37 years in power, said a Catholic priest who mediated talks leading to ...

Evergreen Restoration Foundation continues work, seeks volunteers

Real estate broker Marvin Harris has spent the past 18 months motivating volunteers to restore a 15-acre section of the historic, but long-neglected Evergreen Cemetery where Richmond businesswoman Maggie L. Walker and crusading newspaper editor John Mitchell Jr. are buried.

Farrakhan calls on Trump to repent

Minister Louis Farrakhan called on President Trump to repent for what the Nation of Islam leader called America’s mistreatment of black people over the centuries.

Museum of the Bible, funded by conservatives, avoids contentious issues

Eight years ago, Hobby Lobby president Steve Green found a new way to express his Christian faith. His family’s $4 billion arts and craft chain was already known for closing stores on Sundays, waging a U.S. Supreme Court fight over ...

Bankruptcy trustee recommends RCC sale to another church

And the apparent winner is United Nations Church International. Aiming to keep the Richmond Christian Center a place of worship, a court-appointed trustee is recommending a sale of the church’s 5-acre property in South Side to Richmond-based UNCI for $2.9 ...

City police holding church safety forum

The Richmond Police Department is holding a forum about safety for places of worship. The free forum is designed to help mosques, churches, synagogues and all places of worship with safety procedures that can help protect their worshippers and property. ...

Religious conservatives defend Roy Moore

Conservative Christian supporters of former Alabama Judge Roy Moore are defending the U.S. Senate candidate against allegations of molesting a 14-year-old girl decades ago — and one of them used the biblical story of Mary and Joseph to rationalize an ...

Richmond Christian Center decision to be made Nov. 20

The future of the Richmond Christian Center’s 5-acre property in South Side is to be determined on Monday, Nov. 20. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Keith L. Phillips set the new date Tuesday after an attorney for RCC’s court appointed trustee, ...