Faith News

Multiracial churches growing, but challenging for clergy of color

For four hours at a megachurch outside of Dallas, pastors of color shared their personal stories of leading a multiethnic church.

Trump pledges to prevent 'unacceptable' repression of school prayer

President Trump, surrounded by schoolchildren of a variety of faiths, announced what he called “historic steps to protect the First Amendment right to pray in the public schools.”

First female Muslim chaplain commissioned by the U.S. military

The U.S. Air Force commissioned its first Muslim woman chaplain candidate last month, marking the first time the U.S. military will have a female chaplain of the Islamic faith.

Court documents show pastor targeted by government for officiating at immigrant weddings

New documents unearthed in an ongoing federal lawsuit indicate the U.S. government surveilled and investigated a New York pastor and immigrant rights activist over allegations that she committed marriage fraud by officiating immigrant weddings along the U.S.-Mexico border.

50 years after 'Black Manifesto,' religious groups again take up reparations

On a Sunday morning in May 1969, as clergy processed into the sanctuary of New York’s august Riverside Church, civil rights activist James Forman vaulted into the pulpit to demand $500 million in reparations for the mistreatment of African-Americans from ...

Faith leaders call for de-escalation after missile strike kills Iranian general

Concern about the growing tensions between the United States and Iran has been bubbling within the Vatican, as Pope Francis and other faith leaders urge global leaders to employ self-restraint and dialogue.

Latest spate of religious violence again raises safety questions

People across the nation were grappling with a spate of religious violence that struck at a rabbi’s New York home Saturday during a Hanukkah celebration and erupted at a North Texas church on Sunday.

Rev. Darran Brandon to speak Jan. 1 at Emancipation Proclamation Day service

The Rev. Darran Brandon, pastor of First Calvary Baptist Church in Norfolk, will speak at the annual Emancipation Proclamation Day service hosted on New Year’s Day by the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Richmond and Vicinity.

Nativity scene shows Holy Family separated in cages

The Nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist Church is striking. Mannequins of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are separated in individual cages topped with barbed wire. A baby Jesus is wrapped in what resembles a Mylar blanket, similar to the sheets ...

Evangelical magazine editorial calls for Trump’s removal from office

A major evangelical Christian magazine founded by the late Rev. Billy Graham has called for President Trump’s removal from office.

Black church believed to be oldest in U.S. finishes repairs in time for 246th anniversary

A black congregation that began worship services before the American Revolution has restored its historic church to a version of its former glory.

Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites?

On Dec. 10, two individuals opened fire on a kosher supermarket in Jersey City, N.J. The violent attack — which occurred shortly after the assailants allegedly killed a police officer in a nearby cemetery — ultimately left three bystanders dead ...

Study: 40% of millenials not affiliated with religion

Millennials — those between ages 23 and 48 — are shaking up the workplace, transforming dating and undoing organized religion.

Va. inmate wins religious freedom lawsuit

For more than three years, Alfonza H. Greenhill has persisted in battling Virginia prison policies that blocked him from practicing the strict Sufi branch of Islam.

City Planning Commission to take up Salvation Army relocation request in new year

A holiday truce has been declared in the seven-month battle over the Salvation Army’s proposal to move its Central Virginia headquarters and shelter from Downtown to North Side.