Dispelling the darkness

8/25/2017, 7:24 p.m.

We must oppose any candidate or officeholder who tacitly or overtly condones or gives a platform to white supremacist ideologies and activities.

We must oppose efforts on the federal, state and local level that seek to block or suppress voting rights and registration.

We call on Congress to block any funding for President Trump’s Presidential Commission on Election Integrity, which was created solely to promote voter intimidation.

Locally, removing Confederate statues is just a first step. We recognize that, just as banishing alt-right champion Steve Bannon from the White House, taking the statues down is not going to change the racist mindset and culture in our community.

So we must work in Richmond and elsewhere to ensure equal and quality education for our children, and access to living wage jobs and a justice system that doesn’t make people of color targets or casualties. 

We must call out the bigotry ingrained in many of our institutions — the kind that metes out disparate punishment to our African-American and disabled public school students — and eradicate it.

It starts with recognizing the vestiges of the past that have never left us and then working collectively to change them.

We call on the people of conscience in Greater Richmond to rise to the moral task ahead of us and work for the real equality and betterment of all people.