Politicians put magicians to shame

6/24/2017, 2:06 p.m.

Our politicians are brilliant. They have been to the best law schools to make them that way. They have enough political tricks up their sleeves to put the world’s greatest magicians to shame.

Somebody gets drunk at a ballpark and yells a racial slur. Politicians rush to the nearest microphone to express their phony indignation. Then they rush back to Capitol Hill to write, sponsor and pass laws that are horrible racial slurs mislabeled as “help people laws.” These laws, if correctly labeled, would be called “funnel more tax dollars to a few white males” laws. These politicians are stone sober while doing this.

Another great trick they have up their sleeves is to distract our attention from them, the politicians, who are our real problems. Section 8 rental housing was set up to hand over millions of our federal tax dollars to a few white males who now own too much of America, thanks to this horrible law. All the tenants get are rent receipts and raw sewage running across their lawns.

Of course, they believe Russia, Saudi Arabia and ISIS are responsible for this. When did we elect them to the Senate and to Congress?

If you have had enough of the political fun and games from both Democrats and Republicans, start now to advocate for more major political parties in America. Advocate for doing away with the Electoral College as the means of electing our president. We need politicians who are in office to help the average working people of America — not politicians who are constantly at the beck and call of Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Wall Street while continually playing fun and games with the rest of America!