‘When is enough going to be enough?’

6/30/2017, 7:50 a.m.

Re “What really happened? New details change initial police report of Mosby Court events surrounding special agent’s death,” June 8-10 edition:

I wish someone from your staff had taken the time to interview those of us who live in the area surrounded by the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority projects.

For months — years — we’ve heard shooting after shooting, killing after killing, some of which were right at our front door.  

This ongoing problem of the “gang” wars from Whitcomb Court to Mosby Court to Fairfield Court has really, really been hard on our community of Eastview and the other surrounding homes in this area. No one ever comes to our community to ask how are we doing or ask what do we think.

It’s amazing, though, how from all the shootings of black people in these courts for such a long time, it took the shooting and killing of Special Agent Michael T. Walter, a man not even from our area, to send a message. Or has it?

Since March, we in Eastview have had to duck and dodge bullets flying all around us because of the thugs, drug dealers, etc., who run rampant shooting at each other. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear gunshots from Accommodation Street in Mosby Court and/or Raven Street in Mosby Court.

When is enough going to be enough?

We’ve had meeting after meeting, some coordinated by Richmond Police Lt. Michael Alston. The residents of the courts are not interested. None of them seem interested in changing their lifestyles, much less, trying to get the violence out of their neighborhoods.

I pray that Special Agent Walter did not die in vain. He gave his life through his service and going into a neighborhood that he truly didn’t even have to go into. It’s just a shame that RRHA is not doing something to get rid of those who bring violence, drugs and destruction to our community.