3/11/2017, 10:04 a.m.

President Trump proved once again that he suffers from delusions.

This time, he believes that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the presidential campaign.

President Trump issued that allegation last Saturday in an outpouring of mentally jumbled tweets, although he offered no evidence to back up his claim.

Even Jim Comey, the wishy-washy FBI director, asked the Justice Department to publicly shut him down.

Alas, we are stuck now with congressional committees tacking this look-see onto the real investigation — President Trump’s dealings with the Russians, along with those of his campaign staff, prior to the November election.

Did the Russians hack the election? Did Mr. Trump promise the Russians anything if he won the election? Is President Trump financially in the pocket of the Russians? Is he politically in the pocket of Russian President Vladimir Putin? Who’s really running the United States of America?

Enough of President Trump’s delusions. We need to get to the bottom of “Kremlingate.”