‘Afraid of the wolf in the closet’

5/20/2017, 7:52 a.m.

It should not be surprising to decent, honest, thinking people what we hear in the news from the White House. We have a president who does not regard the truth, does not respect other people, does not know his business sense does not equate to presidential sense, does not know his wealth is not sufficient to persuade every individual, does not know all his appointees are not clever liars like him, does not know he needs to listen to somebody, and most dangerous, does not know that he does not know.

President Trump clearly showed who he was during his campaign. He lies about anyone and anything and continues to get away with it. Those who have sold their souls to the devil trying to destroy President Obama for eight years set the climate for what we are now dealing with. President Trump’s smooth flow of words and con artist ability fooled many into supporting him and believing all the great promises he made. They don’t want to admit that they now are afraid of the wolf in the closet and dare not speak in opposition to him.

Maybe if the money trail could be followed and the president’s tax returns revealed, it may help people better understand what this nation has been struggling to learn for the past four plus months in trying to distinguish between the truth and lies from the most unpredictable president this nation has ever known.

For more than eight years, the Republican Congress and others — and now President Trump — have worked desperately to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which they called Obamacare. They have not repealed it or replaced it, nor have they contributed anything to make it better.

President Obama never said the bill was perfect. He also invited Congress to contribute to the bill through the process, but to no avail. Common sense would tell anyone to try to improve what was finally achieved after previous presidents tried unsuccessfully to get a national health plan. President Trump is trying to change, repeal, discard or destroy many other things that have been accomplished by other presidents. He cannot accept corrections, suggestions or warnings.

Considering the status of our nation at this point, if there are any honest, thinking, truthful representatives in Washington, it is time for them to wake up and take responsibility for their actions and inactions, regardless of their political persuasion or position. They need to distinguish between truth and lies and take proper action to address the serious problems the nation is facing.

No nation can thrive when every statement made or every move made is questionable and lies continue to build. A serious situation demands serious action. The future of the country is at stake.