ESPN anchor vs. Trump

9/29/2017, 7:42 a.m.

Perhaps it was not the proper forum for ESPN anchor Jemele Hill to air her opinion about President Trump. But the president himself has made a plethora of denouncements of people both here and abroad. Those include character assassinations of members of his own cabinet, and he still remains in his position, though only the Lord knows why.

Still, Ms. Hill is entitled to her opinion and is no less an American for expressing it. If questions are posed that are outside of the framework of her program, may they be addressed?

The honest answer is that politics is everywhere and, outside the framework or not, I hve yet to see the president risk an ulcer by keeping his mouth shut.

As we look at this, we should remember that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is still trying to cast aspersions on and penalize Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott without any credible evidence as of yet, even from those who have investigated this case. If found innocent of these charges, and taking into consideration the amount of damage this poses to the player’s image and therefore the amount of damage to his earning potential going forward, will Mr. Goodell then resign?

Questions have to be asked and answered so that power doesn’t find itself heavy-handedly corrupting absolutely.


Sacramento, Calif.