Double standard?

5/5/2018, 11:38 a.m.

Why are Wells Fargo executives not going to prison for their crimes? They opened unauthorized accounts for their customers. They took out unauthorized car insurance for those who got car loans. In Philadelphia, they forced black borrowers to get more expensive home loans. They have admitted to their crimes.

If a black man were to go into a Wells Fargo bank and rob it, would that black man not go to prison?

Why is John Stumpf not being made to answer for crimes committed by Wells Fargo to rob black people when he was its CEO? How much did Timothy Sloan, the current CEO of Wells Fargo know about these crimes?

Why are our politicians from both sides of the aisle not calling for Wells Fargo executives to get some serious prison time for their crimes? Why are too many of our politicians in bed with the big banks?