‘PC’ and ignorance

Julianne Malveaux | 11/8/2018, 6 a.m.
Megyn Kelly is off the air at NBC. After her horridly vapid statement saying she didn’t see anything wrong with ...

Fifty years after the Kerner Commission report, it is clear that there are still two Americas — one black and one white. Two Americas, with two different realities, and few bridges to understanding. This is why, even in all-white communities, black history must be taught. This is why our textbooks ought to speak, realistically about enslavement, Reconstruction, Jim Crow and lynching.

This is why we need to bust the myth that lynchings were about sex — black men lusting after white women. Actually, too many lynchings were about economic envy — white men lusting after black people’s property.

Ms. Kelly is not the only white person who is ignorant of American history (because the history of black people really is American history). White ignorance is one of the reasons I look askance at some aspects of the #MeToo movement. White ignorance is a choice, especially among adults who can educate themselves and expose themselves to the totality of history.

Ms. Kelly chose to expose herself to Mr. Martin and Ms. Holmes. Too bad she shot off her uninformed mouth before she got educated. Perhaps she will now remove the term “PC” from her vocabulary unless she happens to mean perfectly civil.

The writer is an economist and author.