8 candidates vying for Agelasto’s City Council seat

Jeremy M. Lazarus | 8/23/2019, 6 a.m.
And the race is on. Eight people successfully qualified to compete for the 5th District seat on Richmond City Council ...

Ms. Lynch stated her concern that information on this development was withheld for so long from the public. “I have also seen, firsthand, the tangible impact of borrowing from city coffers to fund one priority over another. The mistakes of our past lend even more reason to be sensitive to the current Navy Hill project,” she said.

Mr. Richardson recalled the failure of the 1980s Project One effort to redevelop Downtown that was backed by the top Dominion Energy executive, T. Justin Moore. “I voted against that project then” for lack of adequate evaluation, he stated. “This project should go through a rigorous evaluation, and unless we have that, I will not support it.”

Dr. Williamson also was among five candidates who pledged not to accept donations from Dominion Energy or its top corporate executive, Thomas F. Farrell II, who is leading the Coliseum replacement effort.

Other candidates for the seat who have pledged to reject such contributions include Mr. Da Silva, Ms. Lynch, Mr. McCoy and Mr. Sturm.

Mr. Richardson, whose lawsuit seeking to immediately oust Mr. Agelasto from the post was dismissed Aug. 8 in Richmond Circuit Court, did not make such a pledge. Rev. Mines and Ms. Taylor were not polled.