USA: The “Wild, Wild West”

Letters to the Editor

5/18/2019, 6 a.m.
Never could any of us have imagined we would witness as many mass shootings like the one May 7 in ...

Never could any of us have imagined we would witness as many mass shootings like the one May 7 in Colorado. There have been more than 450 mass shootings in 2019 alone. It appears we are learning to be complacent and accept it when our political figures simply say, “We are sending our prayers to the victims and families.”

Yet they go back to their cozy congressional, state and local offices under the protection of law enforcement and debate for the 70th time what to do with health care or dictate what a women should do with her body, and do nothing about gun violence.

But that is no surprise when we allow antiquated laws to remain in place that allow the Electoral College to put a person in the White House who wasn’t elected by the majority of the people. We also stand by and let the person who holds the highest office in this country to not be charged criminally for his acts that also involve accusations of sexual assault against more than 20 women.

There are other political officials holding office who have been accused of crimes but, who like their leader, never brought to justice.

People walk around schools, malls, stores, restaurants, etc. with weapons at their side. Persons of color are constantly assaulted and killed by police officers. The officers go to court and walk out free with no accountability. Most of them feel empowered and entitled to go back and do it again. Many of us now fear the blue light we see in our rear view mirror. Do you feel threatened that if the police stop you, you may not go home tonight and, instead, end up on a cold slab in the morgue?

If you are tired of flipping the channel or turning to the next page in the newspaper or magazine, will you run for office, get actively involved in political affairs or speak out to bring awareness?

It will take all of us to shut down the “Wild, Wild West” this United States has become. We must stand up for life, liberty and justice for all.


North Chesterfield