‘Cut losses and ties’ with Washington team

6/25/2020, 6 p.m.
Re: “Washington NFL team to skip training in Richmond,” Free Press June 18-20 edition:

Re: “Washington NFL team to skip training in Richmond,” Free Press June 18-20 edition:

I love watching the Washington pro football team practice here in Richmond. It might be a blessing in disguise that they will not be coming this year.

When they were here, I would ask certain businesses if they were receiving a big bump from the team being here, and almost every time, the answer would be “no.” The revenue was not pouring in as was projected.

Diversity also was not being displayed, with only two—and sometimes only one — Black vendor inside the stadium.

This type of good ol’ boy network of letting your business friends inside the stadium should have been stopped. Richmond is a diverse city and this type of favoritism with vendors, etc., does not sit well with me.

My solution? If the team is not interested in equaling the playing field for more minority participation, then they can stay up there in D.C. Richmond taxpayers deserve better. The money that was being handed out by the city to the Washington team can now transition to help the city schoolchildren, youths and homeless people who many people have forgotten. I know we will get more bang for the buck if we follow this course of action.

I know more fanfare comes when you bring a professional team to a city for the summer to practice. But enough of the fanfare. The City of Richmond should cut its losses and ties with the team. It is now time to invest in a sure thing – the people.