Mayor: Social Services would still have City Hall office if headquarters moved

The Richmond Department of Social Services would continue to have a presence at City Hall even if its headquarters building is moved to a distant location to make way for development of an apartment and retail complex as part of ...

Carver Elementary loses national Blue Ribbon award

Richmond’s George W. Carver Elementary School is no longer a national Blue Ribbon school. The U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday that it was stripping the school of the national award given to the school in 2016 for academic achievement.

Mayor uses ‘fake news’ moniker for media reports on Coliseum project

Is Richmond’s mayor adopting President Trump’s habit of labeling media reports he dislikes as “fake news”?

Some ‘Legacy Vendors’ to have spot at renovated 17th Street Farmers’ Market

Evelyn “Luceal” Allen and Rosa Fleming will be coming back to the 17th Street Farmers’ Market, while Timothy “Tim” Christian likely will not. For now, he will remain by Main Street Station.

Stacey Abrams to file federal lawsuit in wake of Ga. gubernatorial loss

ATLANTA Stacey Abrams broke the rules of politics until the very end. The Georgia Democrat, who came about 60,000 votes shy of becoming America’s first African-American female governor, refused to follow the traditional script for defeated pol

Undefeated, unforgettable

The 1975 Maggie L. Walker High School football team was undefeated and unforgettable.

Gillum concedes in Fla. gov.’s race

Democrat Andrew Gillum, who had sought to become Florida’s first African-American governor, conceded last Saturday after a recount showed he had no way of catching his Republican rival Ron DeSantis, an ally of President Donald Trump.

Councilman Agelasto’s move out of 5th District puts seat in jeopardy

A giant question mark now hangs over 5th District City Councilman Parker C. Agelasto. His continued service on Richmond’s governing body appears to be in jeopardy after a constituent who is a former state elections official disclosed to the media ...

RRHA begins major move to turn over public housing to private interests

Residents of public housing can expect to see their apartment complexes come under the control and management of private landlords.

Congressman Robert C. ‘Bobby’ Scott, four other CBC members expected to lead House committees

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is expected to be a top Democratic priority in the next Congress, and U.S. Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott of Newport News will be in a prime position to lead the charge ...

Lawmakers hope Virginia will push ERA over finish line

A bipartisan group of five legislators will try again to get the Virginia General Assembly to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the next legislative session.

Love lights

Richmond often is called a city of lights. One reason is the “Love Lights” program in which a myriad of Downtown buildings are outlined in lights during the Christmas season.

Richmond Public Library to take over equipment, programming for city’s public access cable TV station

The Richmond Public Library is poised to add a new element to its offerings — a TV studio that will allow residents to continue to air live shows on a Comcast public access channel.

‘I am My Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper’ Day program Nov. 23

A new Richmond event to promote kindness and love of neighbors will take place from 10 am. to 1 p.m. Friday, Nov. 23, it has been announced.

Dr. Danny Avula to now run city and Henrico health districts

Public health programs in Richmond and Henrico County are expected to work more closely together now that they have the same director, Dr. Danny Avula.