Ramadan observed amid hardships

Muslims around the world began observing Ramadan on Monday, Islam’s holy month during which believers abstain from eating and drinking during daylight hours.

Priest attacked over aid to refugees

Two members of the conservative Christian Democratic Union political party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel were linked to a spate of verbal racist attacks against an African priest who ministered to refugees fleeing oppressive African regimes.

Muslims must relearn faith to counter Islam’s critics, imam says

In the bustling conservative Fatih district, Imam Fadel Solimon looks at the floor and nods as a young woman asks him for advice on how to respond to criticism of Islam on Twitter.

Faith groups mobilize against opposition to Syrian refugees

Religious groups are pushing back against a wave of opposition toward Syrian refugees and are working to preserve the United States as a haven for those fleeing their war-torn nation.

Pope Francis embarks on African trip during Christian-Muslim tension

Pope Francis’ first trip to Africa will highlight the problems of building dialogue between Christianity and Islam as both religions grow fast on the continent and threaten to widen an already volatile fault line.

World religious leaders condemn Paris carnage

Pope Francis raised the specter of a World War III “in pieces,” Muslims issued statements of condemnation, while evangelical Christians in America debated whether to speak of a “war with Islam.” These were some of the responses last week by ...

Simone Biles wins 3rd world championship

Simone Biles reigns as the queen of gymnastics. The 18-year-old American continued her dominance by winning her third straight world championship, beating Olympic champion and teammate Gabby Douglas last week at the gymnastic competition in Glasgow.

UCI bike races

In the afterglow of the UCI Road World Championships, Richmond’s success-failure rating reads like a tale of two cities.

U.S. greets pope

Pope Francis urged the United States to help tackle climate change and touched on other divisive U.S. political issues such as immigration and economic inequality on his first visit to the world’s richest nation. In a speech Wednesday on the ...

Going to the races: A quick guide to the UCI Championship bike races

The world will be in our front yard starting this week as cyclists with the 2015 UCI Road World Championships race through Richmond.

Pope Francis a stranger to the U.S. in many ways

New York When Pope Francis sets foot on the tarmac at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington on Sept. 22, it won’t just be his first time in the United States as pontiff. It will be his first time in ...

Ramadan ends with Eid al-Fitr feasts

Since June 17, Muslims marking Ramadan observed the holy month of fasting in the Islamic calendar. Eid celebrations break the fast and begin the 10th month on the Islamic lunar calendar at the sight of the new moon.

40 years later

The late Arthur Ashe Jr.’s iconic tennis career reached a summit 40 years ago on the pristine grass of Centre Court at the All-England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club in London. The occasion was the 89th staging of the Wimbledon ...

Serena beats Venus, continues streak

The heavy hitting shook the ground and the volume would have raised the Centre Court roof had it been closed, as Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka traded blows like a couple of prizefighters at Wimbledon on Tuesday.

U.S. women win World Cup

The United States returned to the pinnacle of women’s soccer with a 5-2 crushing of Japan in Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final. It was the end of a riveting tournament that pushed the sport into new territory.