Where does it end?

Here we go again with this gun violence. Another 17 young lives lost and 15 injured in the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla. There were 26 people killed in the church in Texas, nine people in the church in ...

Passing along history

February is Black History Month, with plays, programs and famous songs sung like “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” As black Americans, we are free to do wonderful things to make contributions to our community and our world.

U.S. lawmakers part of dream or nightmare?

I, too, am a dreamer. I dream of a time when we have a government that works for the average American — and not just for corporate America — without working at the expense of the average American. Most of ...

New idea for old schools problem

Re “Feeding schools’ budget: City Council approves 1.5% meals tax hike for schools construction,” Free Press Feb. 15-17 edition:

Gun tragedies and inaction

We woke up the morning after the Florida high school tragedy hearing that 95 percent of the American people support stronger background checks before someone can buy a gun. That sounds like a no-brainer because only 4 percent of the ...

‘Black Panther’ claws away racism

“The film serves as a breath of fresh intellectual air, especially amid today’s sociopolitical climate.

Dr. King’s legacy exploited

It is incredibly sad to watch how the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose life and legacy inspired and changed the lives of millions, is being used to hawk trucks. The ad during the recent Super Bowl for ...

Hustling backward in Richmond

Richmond City Council voted 7-2 on Monday night to increase the meals tax 1.5 percent, expecting annual revenue of $9 million. This will be leveraged to borrow $150 million over five years and earmarked for renovating and building new schools ...

Unemployment and wage gap

President Trump keeps boasting about the low black unemployment rate, although African-Americans still suffer nearly twice the unemployment rate as white people do. What the president never mentions is the growing racial wealth gap — the economic disparity between white ...

Meals tax increase is ‘a critical start’

I am a single man with no children. I strongly support Mayor Levar M. Stoney’s proposal to add a cent and a half increase to Richmond’s meals tax to fund the construction of new schools for our city’s children.

Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union address

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It is a privilege to join you tonight. We are here in Fall River, Mass., a proud American city built by immigrants.

New commission to investigate threats to voting rights

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s first speech at the Lincoln Memorial was not his celebrated 1963 address at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Trump and unemployment

When the unemployment rate dropped and economic conditions improved under the leadership of President Obama, 45 derided the gains as “fake news.”

Infidelity at its worst

Not surprisingly, one of the latest revelations about 45 is the report that, in 2016, his lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid adult film star Stephanie Clifford (aka “Stormy Daniels”) $130,000 to secure an agreement preventing her from disclosing the details of ...

Dr. King’s work not finished

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t plan to get involved in the Memphis, Tenn., garbage workers’ strike. He hadn’t planned to be there on the fateful day when he was shot on April 4, 1968. But he was pressured to ...