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Similar themes in ‘Black Panther’ and Haitian documentary

Re “ ‘Black Panther’ pounces on box office,’ Free Press Feb. 22-24 edition: My family and I enjoyed the documentary “1804: The Hidden History of Haiti” hosted by the Elegba Folklore Society on Feb. 17. It was a great opportunity to learn about Haitian history. On Feb. 18, we saw the amazing “Black Panther” movie.

Nothing positive will be done’

President Trump urges ban on gun devices?

Issue pink slips to lawmakers who vote against gun laws

Now is the time to discuss gun control and how to stop these murders. We should continue to have these discussions until it is resolved. We can’t forget about this one in Florida and go on until the next one. The real problem is access to guns. You can’t cover this with a bandage or blame it on anyone else, other than those who are responsible.

‘I pray that the students voices may be heard’

‘I pray that the students voices may be heard’ Re “Fla. school shooting survivors hoping to be catalyst for tougher gun laws,” Free Press Feb. 22-24 edition: