1 vendor? ‘This is ridiculous!’

8/4/2017, 9:57 a.m.

Re “Only 1 black-owned food vendor at NFL training camp,” Free Press July 27-29 edition:

Only one black food vendor at the NFL training camp in Richmond? This is ridiculous!

I see team and city officials gave many reasons why this occurred, but I am not buying it and still do not like it. This does not enhance the city’s image.

Congratulations to Big Herm’s Kitchen for being the only one, but I expected more. Team officials stated in the past that the vendors would be representative of the various races and ethnic groups in our city. Having only one black-owned food vendor does not equate to fair representation.

My question is who’s responsible for bringing diversity to the NFL training camp? The city needs to start the recruitment process a year in advance to find more vendors. I would love to sit on a committee to ensure this occurs.

This matter needs to be dealt with expeditiously.