Let’s make them pay

8/18/2017, 2:11 p.m.
America witnessed during the weekend dozens of armed, military-garbed men and women in Charlottesville wearing helmets and wielding shields, openly ...

Let’s see if Aetna, Farmers or those “good hands” folks will underwrite the Klan.

Every right carries a corresponding responsibility. For example, the right to free speech requires we hear the ravings of a lot of stupid people.

Now it is time for Richmond, and all American cities, to recognize the right of carrying firearms coexists with an increased and corresponding responsibility.

By the very explicit conditions of a parade permit, the organization and its organizers are responsible for the conduct of people at the rally who violate the conditions of the permit.

The law also doesn’t prohibit insurance coverage amounts to be increased when weapons are carried.

So if the risk to life and property damage are increased, then the city should increase the insurance required. The city also should make carrying weapons at a rally without the required insurance grounds for immediate revocation of the parade permit and arrest of all participants.

This would apply to every group that wants to carry arms during its rally, regardless of whether it is the Klan, Mothers Against Drunk Driving or Planned Parenthood.

Richmond Mayor Levar M. Stoney, Gov. Terry McAuliffe and mayors across the nation must increase required insurance protections to meet increased risks to public safety of these rallies.

Face it: $1 million will fall short of the damages suffered by the parents of 32-year-old Heather Heyer of Charlottesville, or the parents of the next victim.