Kudos to Free Press writer

12/29/2017, 1:48 p.m.

Re “Questions, doubt about credibility of Rep. Robert C. Scott’s accuser,” Free Press Dec. 21-23 edition:

Your article on Marsheri Reese Everson was on the money. Right now, most (national) journalists are afraid to question alleged “victims” in any way. What makes that situation worse is that many national reporters are “reporting” at a distance. They have no clue who they are covering and can’t speak to the character of Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott.

Well, I sure can. I’ve known Rep. Scott for almost 10 years and I met Ms. Everson when she was a congressional fellow. 

There needs to be more journalism like the article you wrote — journalism based on hard facts, documents, emails and common sense. 

Great job by Free Press staff writer Jeremy Lazarus. It amazes me (not really) how local reporters see through the B.S. of a situation faster than national ones I’m around on Capitol Hill.