‘Keep your eyes on the prize’

2/10/2017, 10:29 p.m.

In these trying times of change and challenge, my thoughts shifted to the award-winning documentary, “Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.” The documentary was about the challenges and success of the Civil Rights Movement. The prize was not the struggles they endured nor the protest marches, but the end goal of changing laws and hearts, which in many cases was accomplished.

During these times of challenge, what is the prize that our eyes are focused on?

President Trump may not have been our choice for president and he may not have won the popular vote, but he was elected under a system that is in operation, flawed or not. He is doing the things that he said he would do if elected. Those actions are captivating all of our attention and driving our emotions, but they should not be a surprise. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are pushing an agenda that will put this country back 50 years.

Instead of being so distracted by our president, our focus should be on the lawmakers.

During the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the plan was to apply pressure where it could be most effective. The Republican agenda that is flying high under the radar is not good for most Americans and we need to be addressing those issues that are impacting everyone, Democrats and Republicans, the low-wealth and middle class communities alike.

We need the support of more than just those who voted against President Trump to defeat this agenda. If we are issue-focused, people will be able to see clearly how things will impact them and their well-being. We need to be focused on holding our local, state and nationally elected officials accountable for the votes that they cast.

Because politicians count votes, we demand that they serve the people and not tow the party line. They know a 10 percent vote swing in any election can remove them from office.

Many things can lead us to take a stand, but strategy wins the battle.

As I paraphrase The Last Poets, wake up, people, or we are all through.



The writer is pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church.