President Obama deserves a lot of credit

2/10/2017, 10:29 p.m.

I cannot help but reflect on the insulting treatment President Obama received during his eight years.

He came into office when the country was losing jobs. The banks were making all kinds of reckless and illegal decisions, and the auto industry was falling apart. He cleaned up all this mess and got the Affordable Care Act passed. Currently, there are more people with health insurance who never had it before.

Today, efforts are being pushed to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no obvious plan to replace it. Will these people be so mean-spirited and show no compassion for people who are less fortunate that they will do something like that?

Please believe that just because there are no checks and balances among the three branches of government now and that the goals may be to undermine President Obama’s legacy, you will not hurt him. President Obama got a lot done even though some people wanted to make him a one-term president and did not give him any support for his ideas, including his environmental legacy, his fight to get money for infrastructure, which still is so desperately needed, and many more things that he tried to get through Congress.

Time and time again, President Obama called upon Congress to offer their ideas to make his suggestions better. But there were no takers, only criticism that he was not a good leader.

I am so happy the Obamas have left the people of the country with so many positive memories of class, dignity and human kindness. “When others go low, we go high.”


Chesterfield County