Crusade for the truth

3/11/2017, 10:15 a.m.

Re Editorial page column, “Black newspapers needed more than ever,” Feb. 23-25 edition:

Your recently published piece in the Free Press by Oscar H. Blayton was timely and spot on. What’s often missing today is a mechanism to put pieces together in a way for people to see and understand the situation without obfuscation by others.

Uncertainty can paralyze those who are not grounded in a foundation of strength, intelligence and competence. Education is key.

I used to wonder why my parents, especially my mother, were so adamant that I participate in the Crusade for Voters. It was years later that I understood why it was called a “crusade.” Imagine to return to Richmond 40 years later to learn that the organization still exists.

We need reminders that carry forward messages from those before us whose voices have been silenced through the passage of time. Thank you for your reminder.