Public should defend progress on climate change

3/11/2017, 10:13 a.m.

The current state of the environment is a pressing concern for Richmond. In 2015, we were No. 1 in ragweed, pollen and ozone pollution, and currently are No. 2 in the country for asthma count.

With the current administration’s stance on climate change and environmental policy, there is little hope for any of these situations to get better. As asthma affects our community at a more frequent rate than most of the U.S population, this should be an area of concern.

With our nation more divided than ever, we will have to fight for our beliefs at every turn. We cannot do this if we are not informed.

With the administration’s attacks on the press, it is more important than ever that the media covers the ongoing attacks on our environment and that our elected officials fight tooth and nail to defend the progress we have made in reducing pollution, protecting our open spaces and combating climate change.