Get to root cause of school problems

11/3/2017, 2:29 a.m.

Re “Criminal probe in lewd, racist Henrico middle school video,” Free Press Oct. 26-28 edition:

There is a scripture within the 13th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew that talks about where good crops are sown, weeds are sown among them.

During the recent incidents at Chesterfield and Henrico public schools, there seems to have been disruptive students infesting the good students as well as the administrators.

While Chesterfield has plans to conduct sensitivity training with their school officials, the Henrico school system has elected to cancel the remaining portion of Short Pump Middle School’s football season.

Weighing in on the school systems’ decisions, NAACP presidents in Chesterfield and Henrico have reservations on the effectiveness of the outcome of the schools’ actions.

Have the students been influenced by their school administrators? Have the students been influenced by their environment? Or have the students been influenced by their families?

Without getting to the root cause of the problems, there is the propensity to reach the wrong conclusion.

Someone has sown the good crop, and someone has sown the weeds.

Until we address the entire problem, our students and schools will continue the cancerous infection of minority disenfranchisement.



The writer is president of the Chesterfield Branch NAACP and secretary of the Virginia NAACP.