End NAFTA; don’t renegotiate it

11/17/2017, 8:48 p.m.

To his credit, President Trump pulled the United States of America out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would have diminished our sovereignty. However,  he is now misguided about the North American Free Trade Agreement. Instead of getting out of it, the president is talking about renegotiating it. 

He has appointed as our trade negotiator a 27-year veteran of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations, Robert  Lighthizer.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilber Ross has said that the TPP should be the foundation on which NAFTA should be renegotiated. 

Granted, our trade situation is not good. But NAFTA is not the solution.

Free Trade could be written on one page. NAFTA has many pages of regulations, and we would be subject to the rules of a foreign government. This is how the once free nations of Europe lost their sovereignty. Thinking that it would be good for trade, they joined the European Union.

NAFTA would lead to the United States, Mexico and Canada uniting into the North American Union, a regional government and more loss of American sovereignty and elimination of our borders.

When the globalists failed to bring the United States directly under the control of the United Nations, they changed their strategy to form regional governments that could then be merged into the UN. The EU, NAFTA and the NAU are such governments.

Help save our sovereignty. Urge President Trump and members of Congress to get out of NAFTA, not renegotiate.


Mathews County