Hurry, Mr. Mueller

4/13/2018, 1:20 p.m.

The law is closing in on President Trump and he’s not happy.

His sentiment, however, isn’t shared by countless thousands in America, including here at the Free Press. Instead, we are ready to see the despicable louse impeached and booted from office.

President Trump’s latest angry tirades stem from Monday’s FBI raids on the office, home and hotel room of his personal attorney, Michael D. Cohen. Authorities were looking for evidence of federal crimes, such as fraud and campaign finance violations, with the payoffs handled by Mr. Cohen to a porn star and other women who said they had affairs with President Trump before he took office. The payoffs to Stormy Daniels and the others during the campaign were for their silence.

Following the raids, President Trump, in typical fashion, unleashed a barrage of tweets and howls calling the raids “a disgraceful situation,” “a witch hunt” and “an attack on our country.” 

He blasted the U.S. attorney general, the deputy attorney general and special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, who helped refer the investigation to federal prosecutors in New York. Investigators in the public corruption unit obtained the search warrant. 

He called the investigators “the most biased group of people” and, acting like he’s still a reality TV star, threatened to possibly fire Mr. Mueller.

We no longer have any expectation that the president of the United States will act or react rationally to such grave and critical situations confronting him or the nation. Our hope is that as he implodes, he does not destroy the nation through his callous self-interest and attempts to deflect public attention from his heinous and, possibly, criminal behavior.

When the heat is turned up on President Trump, he seems to manufacture a crisis of some sort, ramping up the rhetoric against North Korea, for example, and China, with whom we are now in a trade war. In recent days, he has sent National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to combat what he calls “lawlessness” and is threatening a military strike in Syria, which may land the U.S. in a proxy war — or actual combat — with Russia.

While we want prosecutors to do a thorough job in building an airtight case against President Trump, we hope they don’t tarry, giving this unstable man time — and inclination — to push the nation to the edge of disaster. 

Hurry, Mr. Mueller.