Where does it end?

2/22/2018, 9:27 p.m.

Here we go again with this gun violence. Another 17 young lives lost and 15 injured in the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla. There were 26 people killed in the church in Texas, nine people in the church in South Carolina, 25 children in Sandy Hook, 32 at Virginia Tech, 19 people at Columbine, 58 people in Las Vegas.

Where does it end? When is it OK to buy and own as many guns as you want as long as you have the money to purchase them?

If we keep housing the perpetrators for years in jail and don’t enforce the law because of who they are, we will always be racially divided and the killings will continue.

We have to start a movement to stand up for ourselves. The judicial system won’t do it, nor will the police or the government. We need to stop feeding the gun pushers’ businesses and make a future for our children — all children.

It’s not fair that gun pushers’ bottom lines are filling the graveyards and tearing up families and breaking hearts. This has to stop.

We have to band together.

You never get over the emptiness of losing a family member. It’s always there waiting for you around a corner, through the night, in your dreams — rather in your nightmares.


Chesterfield County