Shame, shade in Birmingham

Julianne Malveaux | 1/18/2019, 6 a.m.
If anyone deserves a civil rights award, Angela Davis certainly does. The activist and scholar has been on the front ...

Fortunately, Dr. Davis has a thick skin. She knows exactly who she is. She didn’t cringe when then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan had her fired from UCLA for her membership in the Communist Party. She didn’t flinch when she was incarcerated for a crime she did not commit. And she will not tremble because the Civil Rights Institute rescinded the award.

Indeed, Dr. Davis will travel to Birmingham in February for an alternative event. 

Unfortunately, I’m not surprised by the action. One of the founders of the Women’s March has demanded the resignations of Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour because they attended one of Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day events. Marc Lamont Hill lost his CNN commentary gig because he spoke up for Palestinian rights.  Alice Walker has been criticized because she supports BDS. Now Dr. Davis is being denied an award. 

I support Palestinian rights. And I support Israel’s right to exist. Are the two incompatible? I think not. 

The one-state solution, with a right to return, and full citizenship rights for Palestinians makes sense. But Israel is not about to budge, and BDS as an attempt to influence it. States passing laws to outlaw free speech erodes the first principle of our U.S. Constitution and undercuts the actions at the very foundation of our nation. 

The writer is an author and economist.