Mail-in voting is part of a COVID-19 ‘scam-demic’

8/27/2020, 6 p.m.
The grifters have a new scam: Mail-in voting.

The grifters have a new scam: Mail-in voting.

It doesn’t matter that such a thing is unprecedented in more than 200 years, that there are zero safeguards, because that’s the point. How else can you steal an election when you’re hopelessly outnumbered and the COVID “scam-demic” is waning?

COVID-19 is waning? Yes. There’s an expiration date on all scams before statistics expose the truth: Only 5 people have been hospitalized in Lancaster County from COVID-19, with zero deaths, thankfully.

The total number of purported COVID-related deaths statewide is 2,494 out of 8.536 million, an average of .029 percent of the population. That’s just more than half the 4,555 total number of pneumonia and flu-related deaths for the 2019-20 flu season in Virginia to date, according to the Virginia Department of Health’s statistics.

Mail-in voting was never about a deadly disease. It was about the illusion, necessitating a panic-driven, mail-in voting drive.

The grifters are masters of voter fraud, but were being cut off from their usual fraudulent voter resources because states were being sued to clean up their voter rolls, eliminating their vast resources of dead and illegal voters.

What to do? Send out hundreds of millions of illegal, unsolicited ballots, capture their return in the post offices or newly minted ballot return boxes set up by who knows who, and sort out the Republican from Democrat votes encoded in the barcode on the outside of the envelope where a “D” or an “R” are hidden, or the envelope is color-coded.

Democrats have not ceased rioting in droves, thereby making absurd the claim that in-person voting is dangerous. Now they accuse President Trump of voter suppression by insisting that every vote, with the exception of absentee ballots, be done in person with legitimate ID.

As Joseph Stalin said, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”