Personality: Ngoma Hill

From Alexandria to Richmond to Vietnam and Harlem, Ngoma Hill has built an impressive artistic career. He is now being recognized for his work on another level.

Personality: Marquis D. Mapp

Virginia Pride has emerged in the decades since its founding in the 1970s as a major force bringing awareness of the LGBTQIA+ community to Richmond and around the state, as well as promoting diversity and unity among the local LGBTIA+ ...

Personality: Harold Aquino-Guzman

Harold Aquino-Guzman has a lot to celebrate this month. The George Wythe High School senior class president is not only the valedictorian at the South Side school, he is the top achieving student in Richmond Public Schools with a GPA ...

Personality: Keya D. Wingfield

From the confines of her home to the heights of national television, Keya Desai Wingfield is making waves in the world of cooking.

Personality: Tyrone E. Dickerson

In the world of number crunching and accounting, Tyrone E. Dickerson stands out. And he’s working to create a more equitable place for others like him.

Personality: Gregory I. Darrisaw

Gregory Ian Darrisaw feels surrounded by history as the presiding officer of Hobson Lodge No. 23 F&A Prince Hall Masons, the largest Prince Hall Masonic lodge in the city’s South Side.

Personality: Tina Slaughter

From a young age, Tina Slaughter has been an avid golfer.

Personality: Ashley S. Bland

Ashley S. Bland has received a coveted award that could set off a journey to additional state and national education awards. The 30-year-old Ms. Bland was named Richmond Public Schools 2021 Teacher of the Year.

Personality: Navi Johnson

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to difficult times. For Navi Johnson, it was the impetus for a new public space for African-Americans.

Personality: Donald S. ‘Don’ Richards

After decades in broadcasting, Donald S. “Don” Richards is gearing up for a new chapter of community advocacy.

Personality: Dr. Madeline G. McClenney

Baptist minister, prison abolitionist and self-described “mass clemencyist.”

Personality: Dr. Sesha Joi Moon

The 150th anniversary of Jackson Ward’s creation is close, and Dr. Sesha Joi Moon is intent on seeing that the full history of the district in Downtown is recognized and celebrated.

Personality: Mahmud Chowdhury

At a time of heightened concern for and within the Asian-American community, Mahmud Chowdhury has his hands full.

Personality: John W. Boyd Jr.

John Wesley Boyd Jr. is a man skilled in making waves, from the acres of crops in his fields to the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Personality: Dr. Pamela Kiecker Royall

Dr. Pamela Kiecker Royall is breaking ground in her newest role as the first female board chair for the Virginia Museum of History & Culture, a leadership post to which she was elected in January. And she is intent on ...