Personality: Rev. Tyler C. Millner Sr.

It is not enough to cite the dream if you are not going to live the dream. These are the words and belief of the Rev. Tyler C. Millner Sr., pastor of Morning Star Holy Church in Martinsville. He is ...

Personality: Lamont Bagby

Delegate Lamont Bagby takes his work seriously.

Personality: Pam Mines

Helping people in the special needs community is a labor of love for Pam Mines. “I am not the advocacy voice for the special needs community. I am simply a voice,” says the Chesterfield County resident.

Personality: Rabbi Gary Creditor

The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy is the unique place where people of different faiths and backgrounds come together to work on issues of social justice.

Personality: Vinara L. Mosby

Endless possibilities and a spirit of giving drive the RVA Entrepreneurs. The organization was created in June by a handful of people in a variety of fields who are eager to share knowledge gleaned from a combined 100 years-plus of ...

Personality: Theo Suber Jones

The Delver Woman’s Club takes voting seriously. So seriously, in fact, that all members and prospects must be registered voters. “Voting is your civic duty,” says Theo Suber Jones, the new president of the organization whose motto is “Lifting As ...

Personality: Kathryn Wall

Kathryn Wall has always loved children. After meeting Nadine Marsh-Carter, CEO of the Children’s Home Society of Virginia, and being overwhelmed by some of the stories about youngsters that were shared, Ms. Wall was inspired to get involved. She is ...

Personality: Hassan Fountain Sr.

Hassan Fountain Sr. has a vision of placing children’s libraries in every subsidized housing community across Virginia, especially in Richmond, to increase literacy and help youths see a brighter future.

Personality: The Rev. Kevin L. Chandler

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Personality: Rodney A. Robinson

History, dedication, duty and fulfilling the dream of his mother paved the way for Rodney A. Robinson to become Richmond Public Schools 2018 Teacher of the Year.

Personality: Trina H. Lee

Richmond has been home to Trina H. Lee since 1986 when her family moved here when she was in high school. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University and moving away for several years, Richmond pulled her back with her husband, ...

Personality: Lisa Lowe Walls

Lisa Lowe Walls loves food. She describes herself as a “pasta type of person” whose favorite meal is anything she doesn’t have to cook. With that combination, she also has the perfect volunteer role — coordinating the chefs for “Sauté ...

Personality: Timika Cousins

Personal tragedy led Timika Cousins to become an advocate against domestic violence after her beloved cousin was murdered by an abusive husband in 2014.

Personality: Amy Black

When Amy Black began working as a tattoo artist in 2000 at Pink Ink in Richmond, she was among just a handful of women in the field.

Personality: Tonya L. Childs

Tonya L. Childs is a soft-spoken woman with a big heart.