Personality: Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson

For the first time in 43 years, Virginia Union University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Leaders Breakfast will be a virtual celebration.

Personality: Victoria S. ‘Vickie’ Oakley

Education always has been a focus for Victoria S.“Vickie” Oakley.

Personality: Kenda Sutton-EL

Kenda Sutton-EL knows that all births aren’t equal in Virginia.

Personality: Pamela B. Smith

Pamela B. Smith was first inspired to join the Richmond Metropolitan Chapter of The Charmettes 25 years ago.

Personality: Kevin Holder

Six years after Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity was created at Howard University, a new chapter was established in Richmond in the summer of 1920.

Personality: Floyd Lee Brown Jr.

Nothing can stop Soul Santa, not even COVID-19.

Personality: Dr. Abraham Teklu

Dr. Abraham Teklu, a geriatric physician and chairman of Richmond Ethiopian Community Services, is intent on doing his part to help both his local and international kinsmen get through the COVID-19 crisis.

Personality: Vicki L. Neilson

How do you throw a Thanksgiving feast for 3,000 people in the midst of a pandemic?

Personality: Chris L. Booker-Carlisle

Chris L. Booker-Carlisle assumed the role of president of the Richmond Chapter of Jack and Jill of America Inc. in May 2019, taking on a new position in an organization she’d been a part of for 19 years.

Personality: Corey Stuckey

For Virginia students, the last year has been filled with sudden changes amid a period of upsets and unrest. For 17-year-old Corey Stuckey, his year has been one of big ambitions, both for his educational future and for his work ...

Personality: Luise ‘Cheezi’ Farmer

Being elected to lead a group in the midst of a pandemic would be a sizable burden for anyone. But for Luise “Cheezi” Farmer, board chair of Diversity Richmond, it’s a welcome opportunity to show her commitment to the cause ...

Personality: Deborah D. Jackson

In 2008, Deborah D. Jackson was part of a door-to-door campaign to help educate women in the city’s underserved neighborhoods about breast health. That was part of the annual Gift for Life Block Walk conducted by the Sisters Network Central ...

Personality: P. Muzi Branch

While COVID-19 has led to theaters and performance ven- ues closing around the world, those in the arts have worked to adapt to this new paradigm. That includes members of the Black American Artists Alliance of Richmond.

Personality: Genevieve A. Roberts

The presence of COVID-19 hasn’t slowed down YWCA Richmond, which is preparing to celebrate 40 years of recognizing women leaders in education, volunteerism and more with its Outstanding Women Awards on Friday, Oct. 16.

Personality: Judith ‘Judy’ W. Pahren

In the lingering aftermath of the 1918 flu pandemic, Children’s Memorial Clinic was established in 1924 in response to the growing need for accessible mental health services for children who were born into or lived through the chaos and upset ...