Personality: Genevieve A. Roberts

The presence of COVID-19 hasn’t slowed down YWCA Richmond, which is preparing to celebrate 40 years of recognizing women leaders in education, volunteerism and more with its Outstanding Women Awards on Friday, Oct. 16.

Personality: Judith ‘Judy’ W. Pahren

In the lingering aftermath of the 1918 flu pandemic, Children’s Memorial Clinic was established in 1924 in response to the growing need for accessible mental health services for children who were born into or lived through the chaos and upset ...

Personality: Debora B. ‘Deb’ Wake

The 2020 general election has begun, and for Virginians voting by absentee ballot, there is one less hurdle this year, thanks to the work of the League of Women Voters of Virginia and its president Debora B. “Deb” Wake.

Personality: LaToya Gray Sparks

LaToya Gray Sparks’ digital story map of how Richmond’s first master plan impacted Black residents contains a wealth of information.

Personality: Hamilton Glass

If you’ve been in Richmond for any amount of time, you’ve likely seen some of muralist Hamilton Glass’ distinctive work — large, colorful murals outside Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in the East End; Refuge for Men hair salon ...

Personality: Dr. Luisa A. Igloria

It was in early May when Dr. Luisa A. Igloria learned she was on the short list for consideration to be named poet laureate of Virginia.

Personality: Jennifer R. Kostyniuk

From a childhood in the Girl Scouts to becoming chair of the board of directors for Rx Part- nership, Jennifer R. Kostyniuk has long known the value of community service.

Personality: Ollie Harvey

It has been more than 20 years since Ollie Harvey began her work to ensure no one in Virginia goes hungry, and the experience has been extensive, occasionally challenging and life-affirming.

Personality: Lashawnda S. Singleton

From Miami to New York and finally Richmond, Lashawnda Shanell Singleton has seen and experienced the struggles of the poor and disadvantaged.

Personality: Kyron Copeland

When restrictions to help curb the spread of the coronavirus began in Virginia, concerns arose about the need for exercise for people with certain medical conditions and those looking to maintain their health. The Urban Cycling Group has built a ...

Personality: Tani Washington

After four years of researching, writing and making oral presentations in high school forensics and debate competitions, Tani Washington has made history.

Personality: Martha Franck Rollins

From growing up on Plantation Road in segregated Martinsville to co-founding a nonprofit striving to confront and heal the legacy of slavery and racism, the life of Martha Franck Rollins has been long, eventful and transformative — and it’s far ...

Personality: Shelby Brown McDowney

When a letter arrived from the Internal Revenue Service confirming that Shelby Brown McDowney’s newly formed organization, Mission From The Heart Foundation, received its nonprofit classification, it was like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. “When I opened ...

Personality: Timothy O. Mallory

It all started in first grade— sort of. In 2011, a father was invited by one of his son’s elementary schoolteachers to join a volunteer organization focused on providing African-American boys in fifth through 12th grade with mentors and positive ...

Personality: Demetrius W. Frazier

In the wake of the murder of Philando Castile by a St. Anthony, Minn., police officer in 2016, Demetrius W. Frazier was among many searching for answers to this tragedy. Mr. Frazier, along with Lance Adams, turned to literature as ...