Personality: Matthew S. ‘Matt’ Spahr

Evening in Church Hill next weekend will be a spectacular sight as InLight Richmond showcases the 12th edition of its free lighted public art exhibit from 7 to 11 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, and Saturday, Nov. 16, in Chimbarazo Park. ...

Personality: Carolyn Tibbs Hemphill

Black history runs deep in Hanover County, and Carolyn Tibbs Hemphill is on a mission to find it, preserve it and let the world know about it.

Personality: Melissa Hagerman

In 2002, Melissa Hagerman found herself at a crossroads following the death of her mother, whose experience with Alzheimer’s disease, in her words, slowly took her away from her family.

Personality: Wendi White

Wendi White wears many different hats.

Personality: Robert Dunham

Robert Dunham proves that when it comes to teachers, he’s a cut above the rest.

Personality: Christa Lynne Coleman

It is unbelievable for Christa Lynne Coleman, daughter of the founder of Peter Paul Development Center, to celebrate the organization’s 40th anniversary as well as the life and legacy of her late father.

Personality: Dr. Emanuel C. Harris

A new outspoken, politically aware and socially conscious president has been installed to lead the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Richmond and Vicinity.

Dr. Sheila K. Wilson Elliott

Dr. Sheila K. Wilson Elliott spent her childhood in Suffolk, unaware of the significance of her heritage in the indigenous Nottoway Indian Tribe, learning at a time when “information about Indians was just not available to us in school, and ...

Personality: Sandra A. Taylor

In June of 1959, 12 women founded the Young Women’s Christian League in Richmond with the goal of aiding the less fortunate through activism and community service. Today, 60 years later and 115 members strong, the organization continues its work ...

Personality: Dr. Milondra B. Coleman

The new school year brings increased responsibilities for everyone connected to the Richmond Public Schools system, but only one person is both managing her curriculum and plans to improve the lives of an entire city of schools employees. That person ...

Personality: Sarah Brockwell

“Every family is precious. They should be nurtured and supported. We address not only homelessness but address the family holistically.”

Personality: Vilma T. Seymour

Strength is the key to Vilma Seymour’s life.

Personality: Gabrielle E. Wilks

The 2020 Miss Black Virginia crown goes to Gabrielle E. Wilks.

Personality: Ayana Obika

The city’s diversity and elegance will shine again with the third annual Le Diner en Blanc-Richmond, a chic, pop- up dinner where diners wear all white, bring their own white tables, chairs, tablecloths and dishes — no plastic or paper ...

Personality: Kennedi Scales

An unexpected email brought a surprise, hope and support for one of many Virginia college students. Kennedi Scales is among 52 state students awarded a $1,000 book scholarship for the upcoming school year.