Personality: Kathey B. Stone

As parents around Richmond prepare for the holidays by purchasing gifts, scheduling mall visits, tapping into savings and sharing holiday cheer, Henrico County resident Kathey Bacon Stone will be in Whitehouse, Jamaica, giving the best gifts of all — time, ...

Personality: Linda S. Jordan

Linda S. Jordan knows that pain comes in all forms. A domestic violence survivor and 16-year breast cancer survivor, Ms. Jordan admits that there is no pain like that she experienced 26 years ago when she buried her teenage son, ...

Personality: Free F. Egunfemi

Free Folasade Egunfemi is seeking to spread history throughout the Richmond community like seeds in a garden. Born in Englewood, N.J., and raised in Richmond, Ms. Egunfemi wants to offer residents, newcomers and tourists an opportunity to educate themselves about ...

Personality: Clary W. Carleton

Clary W. Carleton, Richmond Public Schools 2017 Teacher of the Year, could be a prototype for encouraging students to use their spirit of protest productively.

Personality: Kenneth A. ‘Ken’ Free

Ken Free believes baseball taught him how to survive.

Personality: Kathryn ‘Katie’ Hamann

Kathryn Ayn “Katie” Hamann is dedicated to raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. Her volunteer efforts with the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Richmond began 13 years ago. That’s when, through her work with Door to Door Solutions, a company specializing in ...

Personality: Vanessa Myers Mason

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, recipes for holiday staples are passed between family chefs like love letters.

Personality: Faye K. Logan

In 1956, two years after the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed separate and unequal public education — and a period many Richmonders remember vividly — Richmond and many other Southern cities were in the midst of growing political change.

Personality: Marc Cheatham

Marc Wesley Cheatham, founder of The Cheats Movement blog and podcast, says Democrat Tim Kaine’s 2009 appointment as chairman of the Democratic National Committee was a catalyst for the evolution of a platform for local hip-hop.

Personality: Amanda Lewis

As a child, Amanda Lewis always dreamed of participating in beauty pageants, but never felt that she was “seen as pretty or attractive.”

Personality: Dr. Cheryl Ivey Green

Dr. Cheryl Ivey Green wears many hats. She is the senior assistant to Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones. She is the executive minister of ministries at First Baptist Church of South Richmond. And she now is the new president of ...

Personality: Danielle Ebelle

Virginia Union University senior Danielle Ebelle walked into a conference room where seated were Dr. Joseph Johnson, VUU’s acting president; Dr. Latrelle Green, dean of the School of Mathematics, Science and Technology; and Dr. Carleitta Paige-Anderson, director of the Center ...

Personality: Elliott Eddie

Ever since Elliott Eddie was a child, he could run his mouth like a steam engine, his cousin says. Mr. Eddie’s oratorical skills, refined through the years and sprinkled with inspiration, have earned him a top international award.

Personality: Gary L. Flowers

Black history — for people of all ethnic backgrounds — is a requirement and not an elective in understanding the common origins of all people, says Gary L. Flowers.

Personality: Regina N. Hall

For 10 years, Regina N. Hall and the Central Virginia Chapter of the Sisters Network have been going into the community to educate women about breast health. This year, the chapter is hoping the community will come to them