Personality: Tamara Broadnax

Tamara Broadnax has spent much of her life opening doors to women in male-dominated areas.

Personality: Malik and Annette Khan

For decades, Malik and Annette Khan have worked to build bridges between the Muslim community and others in the Richmond community.

Personality: Gigi Amateau

Gigi Amateau was born in Mississippi, the same year President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That’s the landmark law that outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender or national origin.

Personality: Lawrence D. ‘Larry’ Wilder Jr.

Lawrence D. “Larry” Wilder Jr.’s focus and passion these days is revitalization. The 55-year-old son of former Virginia Gov. L. Douglas Wilder and retiring Richmond Treasurer Eunice M. Wilder loves his volunteer work as board chairman of the Southside Community ...

Personality: Samantha Ayres

When Samantha Lynn Ayres began her sophomore year at Richmond Community High School, she found out that she was third academically in her class of 53 students. Knowing she was so close to being at the top of her class, ...

Personality: Dayal Baxani

Dayal Baxani began to build his relationship with Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond the same way he builds many of the relationships that have maintained his family’s business, 707 Fine Clothing, for nearly 40 years — word of mouth.

Personality: Dr. Staci E. Carr

Dr. Staci E. Carr is passionate about helping individuals and families living with autism spectrum disorder. She says that from a young age, she knew she wanted to help people. As a psychology student in 1994, she began working with ...

Personality: Annie Giles

For roughly five decades, Annie Giles has worked to make Whitcomb Court a better place to live and raise children. She has volunteered her time to a range of efforts, including registering people to vote, feeding the hungry and fighting ...

Personality: Dr. Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs

Dr. Pamela Hamilton-Stubbs specializes in integrative sleep medicine, the medical practice of investigating problems and resolutions for sleep issues. She is a frequent presenter who has authored numerous publications on the subject.

Personality: Elizabeth Lee ‘Bee’ Wright

When Elizabeth Lee “Bee” Wright started volunteering at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Lakeside more than 25 years ago, she did not have her sights set on receiving an award.

Personality: Sandee Smith

On a day like any other, Sandee Smith sat at her desk when her friend and soror in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority came by with news that deeply affected Ms. Smith.

Personality: Fattah Muhammad

Fattah Muhammad began marching in the streets of several North Side and East End neighborhoods in 1980 to help end violence plaguing these communities and encourage cooperation with Richmond law enforcement.

Personality: Tracy L. Causey

Most people do not know about Tracy Causey’s love of baseball.

Personality: Megan Walker

Megan Walker began playing basketball when she was 4 at a local YMCA

Personality: Janet M. Moses and Pocket

When she enters a room, her excitement and eagerness to entertain others overwhelms the space and the people in it.Usually dressed to impress, she greets longtime friends and strangers the same way — with a contagious enthusiasm for connection. Her ...