Personality: Angela Cimmino

Angela Cimmino found out three days after her son’s birth that he had Down syndrome. “We were a bit shell-shocked,” she recalls.

Personality: Daryl V. Fraser

The National Association of Black Social Workers was started 50 years ago because a group of African-American social workers didn’t feel the needs of black families were being adequately addressed by the field’s largest professional organization that was largely white.

Personality: Joshua Ryan ‘Josh’ Epperson

Josh Epperson, co-founder of FeastRVA, lives each day by a quote by Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come ...

Personality: Stephen M. Levinson

Stephen M. Levinson has worked for civil rights and social justice for almost a half century. And like many in his field, he has endured death threats in writing and in person.

Personality: Antuane Ramon Moore

The start of a new school year can bring a mix of excitement and anxiety for parents and students. Richmond Education Association President Antuane Ramon Moore has some advice to help everyone get ready. Parents and guardians “set the stage” ...

Personality: Montae Lamar Taylor

Montae Lamar Taylor, interim president of the Virginia NAACP Youth and College Division and a student at Old Dominion University, witnessed the clash between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Charlottesville on Aug. 12 that outraged people around the nation and ...

Personality: Carroll H. Ellis Jr.

Carroll H. Ellis Jr. wants to see more African-American students embracing the geosciences as an area of interest, and ultimately, as a career path. The field, he says, holds the possibility of studying earthquakes, surface and groundwater, soil, mining geology ...

Personality: Bernice E. Travers

When Bernice E. Travers joined the Richmond Crusade for Voters in 1977, the election of a majority African-American Richmond City Council disrupted a centuries old, white-majority power structure.

Personality: Sylvia Alexander-Wall

The purpose pushing Sylvia Alexander-Wall’s passion to help people and families enduring cancer can be summed up in two words: Early detection.

Personality: Doris Henderson Causey

When Doris Causey was given a class assignment in third grade to create a collage about what she wanted to be when she grew up, her creation pictured the grownup her as a lawyer.

Isiah Henderson, former owner of beauty shops and cosmetology school, dies at 79

Isiah “Sonny” Henderson loved creating hairstyles for women. And for nearly 50 years, Richmond women responded by putting their hair in his hands and those of the stylists he trained. For decades, the beautician operated a small chain of beauty ...

Personality: Antonio ‘Toby’ Mendez

Antonio “Toby” Mendez did not know much about Maggie L. Walker when he first began working on the statue that now stands at Adams and Broad streets in Downtown Richmond. But as the process of making the statue progressed, he ...

Personality: Julie Anderson

Growing up as the child of a paramedic and a firefighter, Julie Anderson says she never worried about her parents’ safety, even after her father was burned and hurt his back in two separate incidents

Personality: Oludare Ogunde

Facing life outside of prison can be almost as daunting as surviving life behind bars. As an ex-offender, Oludare Ogunde knows about these challenges.

Personality: Tamara Broadnax

Tamara Broadnax has spent much of her life opening doors to women in male-dominated areas.