Personality: Gilbert W. Wilkerson Sr.

Christmas is a time for faith, family and counting blessings. But for someone who has had a loved one tragically taken from them through violence, the season can be full of pain and sorrow.

Personality: Ashley A. Morgan

A William Fox Elementary School teacher’s youthful dream paved the way to Richmond’s highest teaching honor. Ashley A. Morgan, 28, a first-grade teacher at the Hanover Avenue school in The Fan, was named the 2019 Richmond Public Schools Teacher of ...

Personality: Paula R. Gray

And the winner of the first Ms. Exquisite Full-Figured Virginia 2018 is … That moment of suspense, when anxiety turned into joy, is forever etched in the mind of Paula R. Gray of Chesterfield.

Personality: Michelle Evans-Oliver

“I was shocked. I was humbled. I said, ‘Wow! I didn’t think I had done anything out of the ordinary.” That was the reaction of Michelle Evans-Oliver, a volunteer AARP community ambassador, when she learned she had been selected as ...

Personality: Darlene A. Scott

Darlene Anita Scott, an associate professor of composition and creative writing at Virginia Union University, is a long-distance runner and the image of great health and fitness.

Personality: Warrick F. Scott Sr.

Warrick F. Scott Sr. was inspired by his grandfather, Wendell Scott of Danville, the first African-American race car driver to win a Grand National race, NASCAR’s highest level. That was in 1963, when pervasive racial prejudice repeatedly thwarted his efforts.

Personality: Franchon L. ‘Fran’ Randall

Franchon L. “Fran” Randall is a good cook, even if she says so herself. The pescatarian’s favorite dish to whip up is fresh spinach, red onion, basil and fresh garlic and tomato sauce over angel hair pasta and topped with ...

Personality: Jessica N. Thomas

On the first Saturday in November, 3,000 people are expected to gather in the river city to take a stand – and a walk – against Alzheimer’s disease. That day is empowering, emotional and uplifting. It celebrates families and professional ...

Personality: Hattie W. Hamlin

“Leadership Metro Richmond is an organization that has done tremendous work and has sent leaders throughout the commonwealth as well as the nation. It is the linchpin of all of what makes up our region.”

Personality: Jacquelyn E. ‘Jackie’ Stone

Passion and purpose are the driving forces for Jacquelyn E. “Jackie” Stone, one of Richmond’s brightest and dedicated lawyers.

Personality: Maiesha Hawkins

When you have a vision that exudes sincerity and genuine caring in helping others, people can relate to what it stands for, applaud what you are doing and want to be counted as part of your effort.

Personality: Dr. Peter Henry

People are not born with the desire to be incarcerated or to be on the wrong side of the justice system. In many cases, a person’s circumstances puts them there. But with thousands of people incarcerated each year in Virginia ...

Personality: Dr. Shantell D. Lewis

Hearing is one of our most precious gifts, giving us the ability to communicate effectively, which should not be taken for granted.

Personality: Megan Irvin

Megan Irvin, president of the Massey Alliance board, loves being involved in the community.

Personality: Joeffrey Trimmingham

What ART 180 does is more than art. The Jackson Ward-based nonprofit creates a space where young people can open doors to express themselves through the arts and to share their stories with others.