Senate passes major criminal justice reform package

The U.S. Senate voted 87-12 Tuesday to usher in the most substantial change to the 1990s tough-on-crime sentencing laws that have ballooned the federal prison population and created a criminal justice system that is seen as costly and unfair.

Probe finds Trump illegally used foundation as ‘a checkbook’ for his campaign, business

President Trump’s charitable foundation reached a deal Tuesday to go out of business, even as the president continues to fight allegations he misused its assets to resolve business disputes and boost his run for the White House.

Bump stocks banned

The Trump administration on Tuesday banned the high-power gun attachments of the type used in last year’s Las Vegas shooting massacre of 58 people, giving the owners of “bump stocks” 90 days to turn in or destroy the devices and ...

Critics assail Trump panel recommendations that would strip students of civil rights while not boosting student safety

The Trump administration on Tuesday moved to roll back an Obama-era policy that was meant to curb racial disparities in school discipline but that critics say left schools afraid to take action against potentially dangerous students.

Closure pending as Bennett College loses accreditation

After two years of probation, Bennett College, one of just two historically black private women’s colleges in the country, has lost its accreditation, threatening the 145-year-old school’s survival.

Tears flow as Tyler Perry pays off layaway bills for 1,500 people in Atlanta

Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry knows how to wish his Atlanta neighbors a Merry Christmas — the filmmaker paid off all the customers’ items held on layaway at two local Walmart stores.

Nation bids farewell to former President George H. W. Bush

Former President George H.W. Bush was celebrated with high praise and loving humor Wednesday at a farewell to the man who was America’s 41st president and the last president to serve on active duty in wartime.

Trump endorses bipartisan federal sentencing reform effort

President Trump’s boisterous and often denigrating political rhetoric during most of the 2018 midterm campaign season and his post-election assault on the federal court in California may have overshadowed his positive take on federal prison sentencing.

Stacey Abrams to file federal lawsuit in wake of Ga. gubernatorial loss

ATLANTA Stacey Abrams broke the rules of politics until the very end. The Georgia Democrat, who came about 60,000 votes shy of becoming America’s first African-American female governor, refused to follow the traditional script for defeated pol

Gillum concedes in Fla. gov.’s race

Democrat Andrew Gillum, who had sought to become Florida’s first African-American governor, conceded last Saturday after a recount showed he had no way of catching his Republican rival Ron DeSantis, an ally of President Donald Trump.

Congressman Robert C. ‘Bobby’ Scott, four other CBC members expected to lead House committees

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is expected to be a top Democratic priority in the next Congress, and U.S. Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott of Newport News will be in a prime position to lead the charge ...

Lawmakers hope Virginia will push ERA over finish line

A bipartisan group of five legislators will try again to get the Virginia General Assembly to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the next legislative session.

Michelle Obama’s memoir already a best-seller

On its first day on sale, Michelle Obama’s new memoir already is a best-seller. The former first lady’s book, “Becoming,” was released Tuesday by Crown Publishing Group and already was a top seller at Amazon.com.

Hopes for an African-American governor dashed at the ballot box in 2 states

Highly energized contests in Florida, Georgia and Maryland in which African-Americans were candidates for governor drew thousands of voters to the polls, but not enough votes for any of the three to claim victory.

President Trump fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired on Wednesday after receiving unrelenting criticism from President Trump for recusing himself from an investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential race.